Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome home!

... and now our Internet is connected in our new house, so I can post again! YAY!

OK, so here's our recap:
- Our Louisville house sold... yayayay!!! Hope the new owners give it the love and care it deserves... it really was a fabulous first house.
- We closed on our new house on Thursday and immediately started moving in... finally! Everything is still pretty chaotic around here, although significantly less chaotic than it was Thursday - ha! I am just so ready for everything to be all set up and looking pretty, but I'm having to give both of us some serious grace here. Let's just say that if I thought moving was hard pre-kids (and oh, how it was), I had NO idea just how hard it could be with them! I mean, not only is there a TON of work to be done setting everything up, but there's also a TON of the usual work to be done of taking good care of the girls! I am so motivated to get the house finished, though, that I feel like I've been the most productive I've ever been, just trying to do it all. With help from my mom and dad and my fabulous mother-in-law and sis-in-law, we truly have made a lot of progress, and many fun memories as well.
- I am most thankful to have our own house again. I've actually enjoyed the moving-in process (well, as much as it can be enjoyed, I think), just because we've had to wait so long to move in, and it has been good to sift through everything we have and clean it all up. It has given me a chance to throw out all kinds of things we don't need anymore, sell some stuff and give some other stuff away. If I learned nothing else this summer, it's that I can get by without a ton of the stuff we have that just tends to create clutter. Simplify, simplify, simplify is the new motto around the Vafi house! (So is dust, dust, dust. You would not believe how dusty everything gets just sitting around for a few months in a house that is waiting to sell!)

Here are some pictures from the past few days:

Evie catches up on some sleep on the way from closing at the attorney's office to the new house.

Tamsie, on the other hand, like Aerosmith, doesn't want to miss a thing.

Dad helped us out that morning, watching the girls and directing the heroes of the day - the movers and the pest-control guy.

Chris with the new house keys and an early-morning 5 o'clock shadow

They didn't sleep much the night before, so neither did we - but coffee and adrenaline kept us going!
As soon as we had the chance, we set up a home base for the girls in the playroom upstairs. They were LOVING having so much space to play! They just kept giggling and crawling everywhere as soon as we put them down. I grabbed my camera, and by the time I did, I had missed the best parts, but I did catch this:

Friday, Carissa and Cliff dropped by to check out the new digs.
The girls enjoyed having such a cute little buddy to play with. This time, he paid Tamsie more attention than ever before... are he and Evie on the brink of a break-up?!

Evie in front and Tamsie in back on their first trip to the Memphis Zoo this weekend. Chris's workplace hosted a get-together at the zoo, and we had fun seeing everyone!

So much to see!

Saturday we celebrated my cousin Chris's 16th birthday! Here he is, modeling one of his gifts: an obnoxious Vols hat!

Playtime with Evie... notice the sheet over the window in the background. That's because we don't have blinds yet! 
Our house is on a little lake, which makes for a pretty view! You should know that right after I snapped this lovely little picture, that white bird on the left and one of the geese got into some kind of an avian conflict. I'm thinking the goose won, because the white bird flew off.

Evie has always had a nice little bicep!

The kitchen in the throes of unpacking and settling in. I never know what to do with that space above the cabinets, but maybe this is a start.
I should wrap it up and get my rest while I can, because I still have loads of work cut out for me in the morning! Goodnight, y'all.

** Please remember to pray for Tamsie's kidney situation. Her ultrasound is Friday! Thanks so much!! :) **

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