Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playtime with Silly Sisters and an iPhone

I never want to forget how funny the girls are when they're playing together at this age, so I thought it would be fun to document one of today's episodes, set in my old room in my parents' house (where we are staying until we close on the new house) in the one crib we were able to transport here from Louisville. This is the sort of thing that happens multiple times every day right now!
When I saw E reaching for T and T looking back at her intently, I grabbed my phone so I could start taking pictures. (I just realized that's definitely a sentence that wouldn't have made any sense a decade ago!)

T then started reaching back. How sweet, right? Don't be so sure!
T stops and looks at me. "Should I or shouldn't I?" she ponders. 

T decides to go for it. In one fell swoop, ...

... she steals the paci from an unsuspecting E, just like it's nothing!

"Seriously?" asks E.

"Mom, do something?"

Please note that keeping socks on these girls is a full-time job in itself. E grabs her feet, one of which is bare, while T attempts to get the paci in her mouth. (T's socks were long gone at this point.)

While T works toward this endeavor, E kicks her in the face. 

And she's down again. "You had it coming," says E smugly.

"Got it!" E kicks her arms and legs, because she has to expend all that energy one way or another, paci or no paci.

T opens her mouth in her trademark way, thus losing the paci.  Could this be E's golden opportunity to steal it back?

Not if T has any say in it.

But wait!

The whole fist might be a tad more desirable than the paci!

No. That would mean a balancing act that T is not prepared to handle yet. At least E has a foot handy.

Time for a rousing game of Capture the Foot!

"Good idea," thinks E. T finds the whole thing amusing at this point and breaks out in giggles.

Back to the paci...

"Fine. The paci's yours. I'll take the crib rail."

T successfully gets it to her mouth... but backwards.

Argghhh!!! This is so complicated! Back to E's foot.

Back to being kicked in the face.

"I'm sorry, Sis! I didn't mean it!"

T takes a break from the drama to attempt a crawl.

"OK, let's call a truce. I'll quit stealing your paci if you quit kicking my face," says T.

"I'll shake on it," says E.

"Best friends?"

"See this paci? I'll let you have it again."

"That's how much I love you!"

"Haha! Just kidding. I'm keeping it!"

"Gotcha! Did you seriously think I'd joke about something like that? I really do love you!"

"Here's your paci."

"THANK YOU!! At last!"

E is happy to have her paci back. T is suddenly a little remorseful.

"Should I steal it back?" wonders T.

"NO! Too much work. I'm getting tired."

Wait a minute. Why is there only one paci, but there are two babies?

OK, Mom stopped taking photos long enough to come to the rescue. Now both girls have a paci. All is right in the world.

Open mouth. Drop paci. Oops!

"Silly T! It goes in your mouth, not your nose or your eye!"

"Forget this! I'm playing with the monkey!"

"Oh, right. My foot might be a more intriguing option in this moment."
"Oh yeah? Well my fist is more fun to suck on than your foot is!"

Open mouth. Insert foot.

So fabulous!

Will both fit at once?

Nope! But one will fit perfectly!

T has had a meltdown at this point, leaving E alone in the bed with her one sock on.

E's current favorite expression to make, besides her sweet smile!

E gets the last laugh by stealing T's orange paci now that T's not around to fight her for it!

She knows she's way too cute.

When our adventures in my old room drew to a close, E and I retreated to the living room with T, where Ron Childers was interrupting TV programming with some classic Memphis weather coverage. Ahh, it's good to be back in Memphis, where every storm that comes through is Stormpocalypse! (At least Dave Brown wasn't there. You know things are really serious when he steps in!)
K, that is all for tonight. I am sleeeeepy, but now I can check this post off my to-do list! :)