Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome, Summertime!

June is by far my favorite month, so I'm always excited whenever it rolls around! This June I will be doing the following:
- helping with VBS at church!
- celebrating FIVE years of marriage to the wonderful Vaf himself!
- celebrating the wonderful Vaf himself on Father's Day!
- turning 30... WHAT?!
It looks like our month is already off to a great start! Here's a little of what we've been up to lately:
I can go ahead and tell you that frappucinos will be my downfall this summer. Starbucks had some blasted genius marketing going on with that frappucino happy hour thing a few weeks back, and now I've come to expect an afternoon frappucino a little too frequently. Plus, somehow I've developed an appetite for a concoction that costs nearly $6 a pop! Not cool, Sbux! Carissa also falls under the not cool category in this regard, as she is known to text me pictures like this that make me want to go get more fraps! ;) I'm starting to think she's secretly employed by them.

On Memorial Day we went to Uncle Myron and Aunt Lauren's house, and then we visited with everyone at JJ's mom Ms. Rita's house! The girls LOVED running around in the backyard! 

JJ got these pictures for me since I left my phone in the car.

Aunt Jeej and her girls!

Please pardon the girls' expressions here. All they wanted was to get down and play -- NOT pose for pics!

JJ also sent me this picture of the girls at snack time a few weeks back. 

Evie apparently thinks that Kermit also qualifies for snacktime. Here she's trying to give him some water from her cup!

Sleepy T has been napping about twice as long as E these days, which signals a dramatic shift in their identical scheduling patterns! I can generally count on some bonus time with E in the afternoons while we wait on T to awaken. When she does, she inevitably points to E's bed and says, "Sissy?" She's not happy until I take her to play with E!

As I said on FB, this is definitely more stubbornness than sweetness, but you can't deny the cuteness! I always think it's hilarious when one of them kicks the other out of her own chair. Oh well, reading their names is not yet one of their strong points!

Once we packed the girls up to leave the zoo yesterday, I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of them with their Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tyler, who had met us there -- so we quickly snapped this one! You can tell they have been playing HARD by this point. You can also see that they're already embarking on their favorite car-ride pastime -- flipping through their books!
Turns out Evie is a mixed-media artist. Most of her towers wind up with plastic trees and other unrelated toys on top.
In my ongoing effort to start 'em up right, this time with an appreciation for musical theatre, I have introduced the girls to the "We Go Together" scene from Grease, which they loooove! I'll leave you with these:

I love that T waves at Olivia Newton-John in the end! Hilarious! :)

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