Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend Update

Seriously, back when I was a more reliable blogger, I'm almost certain I named multiple posts "Weekend Update" along the way... and now it's nearly 10 pm and I'm most uncreative right now, so I'm bringing it back!

So how is T? Well, early on we figured she must not be able to handle the pain medicine that included codeine, because of how frequently it seemed to make her sick. We eliminated that one altogether, replaced it with Tylenol, and she was fine -- for almost 24 hours. Then she reached a point where she couldn't keep anything down right after we'd give her the other medicines she was prescribed. Panic set in (for me) when she finally lost her antibiotic one night - the same antibiotic that she has taken and loved to take ever since she was a baby. I was most afraid that she might be having some kind of bad complication from surgery -- but she wasn't exhibiting any other symptoms to watch out for. After talking with the on-call doctor multiple times, we decided she just wasn't handling her bladder spasm medicine very well -- so reluctantly, we took her off of it. We even took her off Tylenol just to give her body a break from medicine overload.

When we did, we had a whole new Tams! The moping has ended for the most part, and she has had so much more energy the past day or so. We even took the girls to play at Barnes and Noble (or, as they call it, Thomas - because of the Thomas the Train set there!) and out to eat at Panera over the weekend (a classic T and E favorite), and she did well both places and kept her energy up! She's also getting her appetite back again.

So that's where we are tonight. She has kept everything down since yesterday morning, so we're hoping that this particular yucky streak has come to an end. She is still a very un-Tamsie-like shade of pale, but I've called about it once before and it wasn't terribly concerning to the nurse. You should know that by now I've called and asked so many questions that Friday morning, the nurse actually called ME! I guess she figured she'd be hearing from me sooner or later, so she tried to beat me to it! ;) (And then I wound up calling back again in the afternoon with an all-new question -- ha!)

This week my two amazing helpers (Chris and Mom) are going back to work, and I'm on my own with the girlsies -- so I am praying for a particularly calm and easy and super healthy week! :) As always, thanks again for praying for us!!!

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