Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Great Resources!

I just saw Kelly's link-up today and thought I'd throw something together to share really quickly while my girls are still napping! Here are some of the most helpful resources I've found. I'm sure my list will be random, but maybe it will happen to include just the perfect resource someone is looking for!

- Parenting:
Shepherding a Child's Heart. Ditto what Kelly said. At seminary, I kept hearing about how amazing this book is, and it has proven to be extremely helpful to Chris and me as we figure this thing out!
* Also Don't Make Me Count to Three. We were presented with this book at our babies' dedication, and it has been a great one too.

- Working with high school/college girls:
* Total Truth. I led a book study on this several years back for high school seniors, and all of us learned tons!! It is excellent for studying and forming a solid Christian worldview. It is certainly not a light read, but the way I see it, high schoolers are used to studying Shakespeare and physics and such anyway, so it's certainly nothing they can't handle. Plus I believe many of them are craving something with some serious depth!
* Girls Gone Wise. Really anything by Mary Kassian is excellent. This is truly one of my all-time favorite book studies. Another good one from her is Conversation Peace.
* Lies Young Women Believe, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Evangelism/leadership training/spiritual gift training:
* Jaye Martin Ministries. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Jaye in seminary! God is really doing some great things through her ministry! :)

* - Probably one of my very favorites. I especially love his a la carte section, where he links to all manner of great things he's found all over the Internet. I also like to find book reviews by searching for titles in the search bar.
* The Housewife Theologian - just recently discovered this blog and have been loving it!
* Practical Theology for Women
* Moore to the Point - always a great read.

I'm sure there are SO many more, but here are just a handful of some I have found to be excellent and very faithful to Scripture! :)


  1. Very great resources!! I like that you linked to a few blogs. I will surely be checking them out. am also intrigued by "Sheparding a Child's Heart"... I am a mom to 3 and could really use some additional wisdom in this area since the kiddos are getting a bit older. I found your post on Kelly's Korner. I am glad I stopped by!! feel free to visit my corner of the inter-web at :)

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like just whenever I think I know what I'm doing as a parent, they get a little older and I realize I still have no idea what to do!! :)

  2. these are great! thank you so much for linking up. i love hearing what has worked and resonated for other moms.

    1. Thank you! I love seeing everyone's recommendations too!