Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Home Again!

We are HOME!! I can't say YAY enough!!!

And what a whirlwind it has been! Here are the updates:
* The doctor was very impressed with how T was doing when she stopped by. She reaffirmed that we were on track to go home in the evening! At one point I asked if T was doing OK for someone at her stage after surgery, and the doctor's response was basically, "No way would I even THINK of sending you home today if I didn't feel really good about where she is!" Our doctor has calmed my fears again and again, and she has been a tremendous blessing to us. She even came and prayed with us before surgery! I can't say enough great things about her.

* T spent the afternoon playing in the playroom and wandering around. She was even driving a cozy coupe at one point - TOTALLY different girl than she had been in the morning! She refused to go anywhere NEAR the bed until she just got so grouchy that we had to impose a naptime - which she quickly gave into!

* Everyone kept talking about how precious she is, which made my mama's heart so happy! They couldn't believe we have another one just like her at home! :) I remembered again how faithful God has been to us, ever since we first found out they even existed. He has a big plan for these two characters!

* I actually kind of thought it was ironic that everyone thought she was SO precious, because she started narrowing her eyes at anyone who came into her room. I guess she became accustomed to people who seem totally nice turning around and poking and prodding her! So please do not take it personally if she gives you an angry look next time you see her!

* My parents brought Evie up to visit late this afternoon, right before we got discharged! She was fascinated by everything, and she was beyond thrilled to see us - especially "my Tamsie," as she calls her sister. (T, of course, was a little standoffish even to her own twin after all that she's been through! So once again - keep this in mind if she seems a little distant next time she sees you!)

* We went home, but the car ride took a while because we wound up picking up dinner and T's prescriptions. When we were about 2 minutes from home, T got sick for the first time in this whole process. We're hoping it's the last time - NO fun! She went straight to sleep after eating a little supper.

* So where does she go from here? She will go back to her urologist next month for a renal ultrasound, to see how everything is looking. This surgery is effective the vast majority of the time, but the few times it's not, the doctor can usually tell in advance that it won't be. With Tamsie, her case was very textbook, so the doctor has no reason to expect any problems - but we have to keep an eye on it to be sure. Which means please pray. :) I'll keep you posted after her upcoming check-up.

THANK YOU for praying for us! We love y'all!!!

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