Saturday, October 20, 2012

Babies and cupcakes

Because I just threw a 1st birthday party today. Because it was amazing to see everyone!! Because I am exhausted... but so happy and so lazy and yet so wanting to share something fun... and because Melissa took such fabulous pics and did such a good job with her post....
I'm just going to direct you over to Melissa's blog to see the photos she took of the girls on their actual 1st birthday!

I'll be back again soon with a recap of today's festivities, but here's a spoiler alert: it has been a completely fun/wonderful day, and all four of us Vafis feel very loved and spoiled silly!


  1. I loved seeing these! I know I've never met the, but these two girls really do hold a special place in my heart. So grateful for their health and how God s growing them!!

  2. I wish I knew who left this comment. It is sooo sweet! :) Thank you so much!!