Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Every now and then, it's time for a confession on this blog. Now is one of those times. Back in my pre-kid days, I can remember asking friends with kids what they'd been up to lately, and getting the following answer: "We've been sick." It's time to confess that I would secretly think, "Seriously?! That's it? It has really messed you up that bad?" UM, YES, it can and it does! All of us except the Vaf have been sick, so here are the following things we have missed lately that we had wanted to be a part of:
- going to the corn maze with friends this past weekend
- going to church this past weekend
- going to Zoo Boo Sunday night
- going out for my dad's birthday dinner last night... which turned out to be OK because my parents are sick, too, so the whole thing has been postponed!
- going basically anywhere with the girls out of the house! Last night, we attempted grocery shopping, except that I stayed in the car with the girls. That is what it has come down to. But the good news is that I truly believe we're on the mend at this point!
Tamsie had to go to the doctor on Sunday because she was running a fever. That night, Evie coughed all night long, which had me wondering if we should have taken her instead!

Tamsie's "I'm-sick-of-being-sick" face. We've seen a lot of this lately. Poor girl has been angry!
 The upside of this sick time is that we've been able to spend lots of time at home, and I'm happy to say that our house really is coming together! Last week, our blinds came in:
living room windows, plus blinds, finally! :) Who knew a day would come when blinds would get me all excited!
 This week, the cubby guy came and installed a cubby right by our garage. Our next project will be to paint that sucker and find some cute pillows to pile on the chest part of it and some baskets for the top.
There's our much-anticipated cubby!

We finally were able to get the chandelier installed in the girls' room, thanks to Gigi's husband Lance! We love it, and the girls love turning it on and off!

Bookshelf corner with my grandma's baby bonnet that my great-grandma made her and the shadow box with the baby clothes my great-aunt made. The box fan isn't the cutest thing in the world, but it definitely helps the girls sleep, so it gets to stay there! 
There's the door to their room. Taking pictures of rooms has turned out to be a really awkward and difficult thing to do!

Here's our huge chair, cross wall, and china cabinet...  more proof that things are coming together!

I also took this picture to try and show how our guest bathroom/the girls' bathroom has come together.  Sorry for the creepy hands holding the phone in the mirror - I may or may not have been wearing an old college t-shirt and pants featuring ice-skating elephants at the time. You may or may not have wanted to see that.

Folks, it is not easy finding a cute nightlight in this town, but this was the best I could do. I found this little birdcage toothbrush holder and wanted to put it in the girls' bathroom, but since they're not exactly brushing their teeth yet I put their little gum massagers in there instead.

If I'm in charge of the design, you know it's gotta sparkle - even if it's a bath rug.

The beginnings of our city wall, featuring cities where one or both of us have lived. Not really sure how to represent Arkadelphia... thoughts? :)
Well, it's just about time to get the girls ready for the first Halloween they will actually be able to enjoy. I still haven't come up with any clever ideas for the Vaf and me, so it's looking like we'll be ourselves this year... scary! I hope y'all have a happy and healthy(!) Halloween! :)

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