Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Because Melissa's pictures are always so pretty...

We had a delightful string of visitors last week, including Melissa S., JJ and Melissa M. While I failed to take any pictures of any of this (thus living up to my likely title as Worst Blogger Ever), Melissa once again perfectly captured the girls' personalities when she was here on Friday. I love how she always has a way of catching them while they're making expressions they always make but that I see so often that I never even think about it. Then when I'm looking at the pictures I'm all, "Ohhh, how cute. That's a typical [insert baby name] face alright." Does that make any sense? So basically I'm in love with any pictures she ever takes of the girls. Here's the latest round, just for fun:


Typical T face for sure

Probably talking about bubbles

Probably pointing at Melissa and saying "Aunt Mo!!"


Girl loves her yellow bows. Too bad she just destroyed both of them in her exuberance over the weekend. : /


Smiley T with E climbing the fence in the background

That's a big bottle of bubble solution on the rail.

Running and screaming at the same time... a favorite pastime among their set

Bubbles with Amma

Racing. You should know our current furniture layout is not designed for aesthetics but to give them maximal play space and to keep them from wandering off the deck. Because I'm sure you were wondering. :)

I think these pictures say a lot more about these girls' fun little personalities than I can even put into words. Thanks, Melissa!

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