Friday, June 28, 2013


Saturday I entered a whole new decade! I wish I had 30 wise life lessons to impart to you, or something like that, since I think I always expected to be 99% wiser than I likely am by the time I hit 30, but alas. I don't have much time to post today, so a picture recap will have to suffice. 

Melissa (who took this picture) set up a lovely birthday tea for me at Chez Phillipe! It was the perfect way to celebrate turning 30 (or any other age, for that matter!), and we had a wonderful time. I feel like I should tell you that there is a good reason for my hair's utter frumpiness: it was an insanely hectic morning leading up to the tea. I had several errands to run, and it's kind of a wonder I didn't wind up wearing sweats up there, as crazy as it all was!
For my birthday gift from Chris, I ordered this rug for our living room. (You know you must be 30 when you choose to order a rug for your birthday.) However, when it came in, it was abundantly clear it did NOT match our living room decor. I tried and tried and tried to love it, but it just wasn't happening for me.

While I felt like I was cheating on my new rug, I talked Chris into running me to Target ("just to look around," you know), and I wound up finding this one instead -- for a much better price! It just matches everything in our room WAY better. Now, sadly, we are left with the rug above, because we bought it at a final-sale price and so it is non-returnable, so if it happens to be the perfect rug for you, just let me know! We'd LOVE to sell it ASAP!

While I was having tea and scones and other wondrous delectables at the Peabody, the girls were hanging out with their Daddy and Granddaddy enjoying the hot summer day from the comfort of their new pool!

Swimsuit babies and their Daddy on Sunday afternoon

Getting her SPF on, while hanging onto her wagon

Evie ripped off her sunglasses the second I put them on her, but Glamour Tams left hers on the whole time.

T's selfie. She thinks this picture is the funniest thing ever, and she laughs hysterically whenever I show it to her.

T found my shoes and kept saying, "Walk! Walk! Walk!" 

Giggly girls


E models her new big-girl PJs

My lil sis Beth from my sorority days who has truly become like a little sister to me sent me this sweet gift in the mail. It's a journal that she has filled with quotes about friendship.

She's been working on this for me ever since the day I lost my Grandma. Her friendship is such an incredible blessing in my life!

Carissa also managed to find the perfect card to sum up our friendship! I am so richly blessed to have such dear friends.

I haven't shared any videos in a while, because it's not the easiest thing to do on Blogger -- but I thought these were well worth it! :)

Here's Evangelyn and her Daddy having fun in her pool:

Here are the girls with their Daddy right when he came home from work one day this past week. He gets a royal welcome every time!

Evangelyn's interpretation of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus:
{ARGH, it's not letting me upload it. I'll try it on a separate post.)

Tamsie's interpretation of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus:

And last but not least, Tamsie's rendition of Baby Faces:

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