Monday, September 16, 2013

Get ready, it's a long one!

Nothing but pictures and captions today, because I have let them pile up long enough!
Guess who came to hang out this morning? Rachie Face and Jonathan!!! We felt moderately rude posting this picture on Instagram because it was a good one of us, but our babies look insane! (And E refused to associate with any of us for this picture session!) Oh well, if you only knew what we go through to get a decent picture together, you'd get it.

In fact, why not do a quick little retrospective of pictures of us gone awry? ;)

Here we were, clearly getting ready on her wedding day. We were all proud of this one until we realized we were posing directly in front of...
a changing table. 

And since that one is from her wedding day, I figured I should throw in one from my rehearsal for good measure. (That's my mom's wedding dress in case you were curious what I was wearing here.) While she and JT are looking great, I still don't know what sort of face that is that I was making. 

New Year's fail.
After all these years, I still have no explanation for that person making a creepy appearance behind us.
And there are PLENTY more where these came from!

I just love this girl. AND her sweet family. AND taking a decent picture of us together! :)

Not too long ago, Gigi dropped by and surprised the girls with some books, including this moon book!

E likes to put it in her crib with her when she falls asleep. Here she is demonstrating why. It is totally cuddle-worthy!

She is all about it!

Lest you think everything is always coming up roses around here... ha!

Here's a mystery I have yet to solve: Whenever the girls wander into my closet, they find this red dress and point to it, saying, "Aunt Mo's dress!" Neither of us can figure out why this is!

Tutus and pianos. They're my girls alright!

Saturday we went to Pierce's 3rd birthday party! The girls had a blast! Look at these cute little sweatbands they received when they walked in. 

Pizza is the way to their hearts.

Waiting in line to throw water balloons at Mr. Eric

Birthday boy!

Pierce's party was basketball themed, and the girls couldn't get enough! We're thinking E might be slightly more sporty...

... than T.

Riding the horsey swing is always a hit!

Swinging with Betsy Cate

At first I was thinking the Vaf was channeling Vanilla Ice with his hat at that angle. Turns out he was blocking the sun... bummer!

Present time!

I think he liked the train set we gave him!

Becky texted me this morning asking for a nursery rhyme book recommendation. I heartily recommended this one, but then she told me it's out of print and going for like $50 on Amazon. If you ever happen across it for a decent price and you're in the market for such a thing, get it -- the girls sure do love theirs!!

The girls peeled the outer layer off this block. Then E kept bringing it to me and saying, "Won't you tape it up, baby?" over and over. I think it's hilarious she calls me baby! When she wants something, she is also known to point at it and say, "What do you want, honey?" -- and sometimes just "Honey!" These girls crack me up all the time. 

Look! It's Tamsie of the '80s!
Actually it's me with my Uncle David and my Daddy in the background at Meemaw's house, long, long ago.

But do you see what I mean? That's T on the left. Even I see this resemblance! :)
(and this pic is compliments of Melissa, of course!)
Well I suppose that's enough for today. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!!! 

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