Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh TWO-dles!!!!!

{that's a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reference for those who, like the me of a few months ago, would have no idea otherwise! ha!}

When you're a preemie mom, you're forever having to talk about actual age and developmental age.

"How old are those babies? They're sooo tiny!"
"They're six months old!"
"What in the world?! Six months?!"
"Well they came 11 weeks early. So they're really like three-and-a-half-month olds. That's their developmental age, you know."

Starting in the NICU, all the way through visits with the neonatologist and pediatricians, I was forever asking everyone when the girls would finally be caught up with their peers developmentally. The answer I received again and again was "by the time they turn 2." Of course, that seemed forever away in the days when my tiny babies wouldn't even look me in the eye yet. Watching them sleep day after day in their incubators, waking only a few hours total in a 24-hour span, it was nearly impossible for me to picture them as healthy, vibrant two-year-olds who would be fully on par with their peers. I would hear stories about kids who had been preemies "but you'd never know it," and I couldn't imagine a day when it wouldn't be patently obvious to me and everyone else that I hadn't been able to carry them to term.

But y'all, God has been so gracious to us. That day is here!

I knew ages ago that I wanted their second birthday to be extra-special, because we would have finally reached that faraway milestone when developmental ages and actual ages would all just blend together into a single normal age! And you know, I think it was extra-special. Sure it was chaotic and crazy, but it was primarily fun and joyful. The ridiculously talented Melissa, AKA Aunt Mo, was kind enough to take pictures of the day, so that's what I'll be sharing here unless otherwise noted!

Here's my Instagram pre-party pic of the "we've got ears, say CHEERS!" display...

and our centerpiece, composed of the girls' Minnie and Mickey, plus a number 2 I wrapped in twine and decorated with bows (my Instagram)

Pretty sure football was on throughout the entire event and into the night, but what else is new around here on an October Saturday? :) (my Instagram of course)

Uncle Alex got this picture of Tamsie and Evangelyn in their outfits I ordered from Etsy.

Don't judge the chalkboard. I had to reach up to decorate it! Now I have an even greater appreciation for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - hahaha!! :) (my Instagram)
Cookies from Karen's Cakes and Cookies via my Instagram

The burlee I made for our front door. Let's be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, but it served the purpose! (my Instagram) 

Now onto Meli's pics! Here I am with T. My headband was of course in honor of Minnie.

Amma and E

Mrs. Kathy was on hand!

Mickey and Minnie Oreo Funfetti cupcakes. My mom made them (THANK YOU MOM!!!) and I decorated them. Of course there had to be some yellow bows in the mix in honor of E and her love for yellow bows!
JJ, Chris, T, Alex, Gigi

Chris and T 

Bowl of lollipop favors from Etsy

Quick snack time before more guests arrived

Mrs. DeeDee and half of her kids: Chris and Jennifer

Chris made homemade lemonade, which the girls loved getting to try!

That's my Grandma's vintage punchbowl on the table. I have used this at more events I've helped host than I can remember!

JT's precious little guy Dalen

Party girls

Chris lights the candles

Not sure what to make of this

As we were setting the cupcakes down, it occurred to me that perhaps open flames may not have been the way to go with two 2-year-olds at once!

Attempting to blow out the candles

T has no idea what is going on and why there is fire on her cupcake...

But when I blew it out for her, that sure did not go over well! Luckily this was the only meltdown of the entire party, and thankfully it was very minor.
Gigi managed to capture this picture, where T looks totally upset that E's candles are still lit!

Looks like T wasn't such a fan of the cupcakes, but she was a big fan of the chocolate-chip cookies her Daddy made!

Chocolate mouth!

Love this!!

Pink icing on her nose!

Melissa can capture these girls' personalities like no other!!!

Cliff! The girls called him up on their play phones the other day, btw. And then Pierce. Look out!

Present time!


Melissa and Gigi with Jennifer, Tyler, my mom and JJ in the background

Cliffy, the soon-to-be big bro!!!

the Chuplicates!!!

One very happy but very exhausted {but very thankful} Mama at the end of it all!!! 
It was a wonderful celebration, and we were so blessed to share it with special family and friends! :)

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