Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Pre-Party Pics

Well my girls are now 2!! Even though they likely had no idea what a birthday party was, I somehow managed to get them all excited leading up to the big day! We'd talk about how they would wear Minnie Mouse ears and tutus and eat cupcakes and cookies and see lots of family and friends, so when October 12th rolled around, they were so excited they could hardly stand it. I'll share those pictures next time, but before I do that, I need to post lots of pictures that I've been accumulating while I've been too tied up with birthday stuff to sit down and get a post up.

T demonstrates the lazy girl's way to push a push toy.

Sleepy E in my arms after an afternoon nap. You know I have to whisk the first waker out of the room before she wakes up her sister and they both want me at the same time!

Trying some hummus, or "yellow sauce" as E called it, at Petra and loving it! E is truly living up to her Greek heritage! I'm just glad to have found something else these picky little squirts will eat.

T: More ice!
C: No more ice. You're just making a mess!
T: Ask Mommy.
Oh my.

This picture in her coloring book really bothers E's sensitive little heart. She always finds it right away, brings it to me and says, "Donald's crying." He's not -- he's supposed to be blushing! But that sure doesn't stop her from kissing him and trying to make it better. 

Playtime adventures: E is putting her little princes and princesses in cups, and T is playing with her Klip Klop Stable, a very worthwhile investment for people like T and E if ever there were one, especially if you have coupons to use! 

Deep in concentration

It's so hard to get both of their faces in a single picture right now. My Dad was so happy he got this one! :)

E likes to line up her crayons and markers. In fact, we think she likes this more than she actually likes to color! Mrs. DeeDee says Chris was the same way.

Now I can't remember who colored this, but hello disturbing!!!

Pumpkins at the zoo

Late-night party prep

We went to the pumpkin patch with our Sunday School class and had so much fun! Here we are with the girls' BFF Allie.

Chris and E

All three of my favorites!

They were obsessed with picking pumpkins...

... and swinging! This one cracks me up because of how little she looks in the swing. They have been talking nonstop about the pumpkin patch ever since. 

I was so excited when the girls' banner came in from Etsy that I had to go ahead and hang it up, even though the party was still several days away!
By the way, I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but we don't think it's cute to push our coffee table up against the fireplace - ha! That's of course out of necessity with the girls for now!

I made this little sign, and we ordered the ears from eBay. Apparently I was so excited that I lined them all up on the couch to take a preview picture! ha!

The girls love taking a walk when Chris gets home from work! They also fight over his coffee cup the moment he walks in the door. Here it appears that T has prevailed this time. Also, please notice that Chris's cup was once mine, but he has broken/lost all the ones he started out with, so this is what he has now. Maybe Santa will have to help him out with that in a few months! 

Reaching in to see if it's truly good to the last drop

This had us laughing. T and E can always make room for Allie in the wagon!

Three amigas

Aunt Lauren couldn't make it to the party, so she came and delivered the girls' presents last week. Here's silly T playing with her little puppy dog they brought.

Chris's family came to town the night before party day, bringing lots of fabulous gifts for the girls! Here they are opening their presents...

Birthday Queen Tamsie
When these two open a present, LOOK OUT. Check out that floor... or don't! ha!
I'll be back soon to post our party pictures! We had SO much fun and were so happy to celebrate the girls' second birthday!! :)

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