Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and Cliff: Can You Handle the Cute?

We have been so incredibly busy around the Vafi house lately that I will just have to post some pics to let you know what we've been up to!

Back when Mom was in town (ahhh, those were the days!) the day before Easter, Tamsie wanted to wear some special rabbit slippers that were actually mine back in the day!
This is what happens when you hold either girl on your lap these days. They object to being held like a baby. Instead, they want to stand up, and sometimes they will cry until you get the memo!

My mom with Tamsie on the left and Evie on the right. All I can say is that Tamsie started out with a bow too - there's just no telling where it was by the time the picture was taken! 

Happy Easter from E and T! Unfortunately my parents had to leave the day before Easter, so we were on our own Easter Sunday. The night before, we had decided to attend the 11:30 service, thinking surely we can make it on time to that one - maybe even early! ALAS!! I don't know exactly how late we were, but 25 minutes is a safe guess. When we arrived, we peeked through the windows at the back of the sanctuary, trying to find a vacant spot in the back. An usher saw us and told us he would gladly find somewhere for us to sit, and that we should follow him. So we did - all the way to the front of the church!! ARGH!! As if we don't create enough of a scene everywhere we go, here we were on display with two car seats packed with the little twincesses. Right up front for all to see. Once we sat down, the girls made it clear they wanted out of the car seats, and then they proceeded to provide entertainment for all near and far - talking and giggling and standing! I had to take Evie out at one point because she was so excited. I was absolutely mortified. So a note to any ushers who happen to come across this humble blog: Please never seat new parents, ESPECIALLY of twins, anywhere near the front, ESPECIALLY when they're already running way off schedule! After the service, people I had never before seen were coming up to me (as I was holding Evie outside the sanctuary, trying to get back in), and saying things like "Where's the other one?" and "She's a twin, right?"... thus proving that we did indeed raise a bit of a ruckus without even meaning to. 
They started off with the most adorable Easter shoes ever (compliments of YaYa), but by the end of the service, three of them were scattered everywhere on the pew where we were sitting!  When we got home, the photo shoot began. Evie is demonstrating one of her current favorite pasttimes in this picture: grabbing things (even parts of an outfit) and putting them in her mouth, where they can then be bitten.
"Mom, WHY did you take that ribbon out of my mouth? It was so tasty!"

By the way, when I was a small child, I thought "tasty" meant that something tasted bad, kind of like how "smelly" means that something smells bad. Lots of confusion ensued as a result, but that's a story for another post! Or not. That's pretty much all there is to that story - ha!

"I find it shocking that you would take that ribbon away from me!"

Biting those hands. These girls can't wait for their first teeth to finally break through! 


Evie's smiling. Tamsie's wondering why lunch is being delayed by picture time.

Evie's trying to explain that she will appreciate having these pictures one day. T's not so sure.

Evie puts her arm on top of Tamsie, who apparently thinks there's a chance she might be holding an invisible bottle... check out that rooting action!

Sharing secrets... it's only getting started!

In their rocking chair


Tamsie (pronounced Tam-uh-see by a receptionist at a doctor's office who called yesterday to reschedule an appointment) 
Tamsie no longer sits normally in her Boppy... either she falls into the middle of it or she tries to stand up in it!

Evie looks like she's going scuba diving here.

Easter Monday... Tamsie asleep with her legs crossed

Which is the mirror and which is my sister?

Monday night Cliff and Carissa came to town and stayed through yesterday morning! We had so much fun!

Cliff just turned 6 weeks old, and when he was here he was already weighing exactly what the girls weigh! He is a big boy!

The girls had so much fun with him, and Carissa and I enjoyed taking pictures and making videos of them together. We made so many neat memories, but I think the main thing we will remember about our time together is how we wanted to accomplish so many different things but were derailed by the realities of feeding time, changing time, naptime, and everything else that goes into caring for three small infants. But our time together was actually that much more amazing, as we bonded over being new mommies together! This is a whole new phase of our friendship! We kept laughing about how life was so different back when we met 5 years ago and shared an office and weren't married and knew nothing about babies! 

Three babies in a row!

He's already totally a ladies' man...

...who occasionally needs paci assistance from his mom!

I thought this was funny... Tamsie was staring up at the ceiling fan expectantly, waiting for someone to make it spin around!
 OUTTAKES: No photo line-up is complete without them!
I love your funny faces!
Wearing pink and green, Tamsie reveals where her true OBU social club loyalties lie by throwing her chi's in the air!
We call Evie the Starfish Baby for this very reason!
That's all for today. I'm hoping to get their 6-month birthday post up soon! :)

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