Sunday, April 22, 2012

This one's all over the place - kind of like our lives right now!

In my pre-baby days, I had no idea how joyful a celebration I would have after enjoying seven blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep, but that's exactly what happened this morning, folks! As you may recall, the girls started sleeping through the night relatively early on, and then about a month or so ago they spontaneously decided that nighttime is for crying, not sleeping. To their credit, we think that's due to teething more than anything else -- but y'all, that has got to be one of the most daunting things about baby twins. With two of them, it is quite literally an all-night it's-our-party-we-can-cry-if-we-want-to kinda festival of sleeplessness. Triplet moms and moms of more, my nonexistent hat is off to you. (I look awkward in a hat.) I don't know how you do it. Octomom, we're not even going there.

But last night we put them down at 10:30, because our schedule was all wonky. At 11:15ish they were up crying, so we chalked it up to some freakish nighttime version of the 45-minute intruder and fed them a little more. Then we put them back to bed, and they slept soundly until time to wake up for church! In fact, I woke up in a panic about 3 am, concerned because they had been so quiet all night. All was well, and I'm hoping we're once again going forward and not backward at bedtime!

I can't remember whether this was a happy face or a sad face, but I can guarantee that's Tamsie up front.
We've had a pretty nice couple of days, too. On Thursday, Chris realized that in all of the intensity that has been our lives lately, he has not actually taken a day off, and that he really needed to. So we went to Lexington that day, because that is where the nearest Chipotle is located. Seriously. And it was so worth the trip! It was fun to get the girls out and to drive around a different town for a change.
My attempt at taking a picture of Evie sitting up with minimal assistance. Also I want you to know that while we were out shopping yesterday, someone saw her in this outfit and asked if she was a boy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
Yesterday we hit up Macy's and took advantage of a major sale to score no fewer than 16 size 6-month outfits for the girls! It was awesome!! Each outfit was sooo cheap by the time they took off the additional 25% friends and family discount (because everything was already on sale to begin with), so if you're reading this and you're a mama, now is the time to stock up (if they're having this in your area too)!
This is actually a size 6-month outfit that Evie is wearing!! It's still just a little big, but not terribly!  
This week we'll be taking a trip to the Big M once again, and I can't wait!! My dear old friend JT just had a baby boy this past week, and I'm so excited about meeting Mr. Dalen in person! 
Tamsie had a severe case of baby bed-head when I came to see her this morning. (I had to hold her head down for the picture because she kept moving it around everywhere!)
 Today we took the girls and went to the church where our friend Anthony is now a student minister. It was so good to get to see Anthony and Kristen and meet some sweet people at their church, including a man who has 27-year-old identical twin girls!
The girls in their PJs this morning. Tamsie's leg was wrapped around Evie's, which was typical of what they would do during ultrasounds!
Tamsie standing up in her crib this morning with Chris's help!
Random but true: Chris entered us in a little contest, and we made it to the P&G web site
Meanwhile, this is what Evie was doing on her side of the room. Check out those rosy cheeks, and there's not even any photo editing involved! :)
Also, if you think of it, could you please pray for my Uncle Hank? He's recovering from a stroke and could use the prayers.
Well, that's all for today. Y'all have a wonderful and restful Sunday!

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