Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Visitors: Beckita, Mom and Dad

As I type this, I am a happy girl. Evangelyn has gone down for a nap, and my mom is sitting on the couch with me, holding Tamsie. I'm hearing both girls sucking contentedly on their pacifiers. Laundry is folded and everyone is happy.

We've had a fabulous week! On Thursday afternoon, the famous Beckita flew in from Dallas for a visit, and she just flew back out Monday. Here are a few highlights of her trip:

* Obviously, she got to meet Tamsie and Evie. While Evie of course loves Becky, Tamsie could be among her top 5 biggest fans. Every time they were together it seemed like Becky was making Tamsie laugh hysterically!

* I kept telling her she had to go out in public with us and the girls so that she could experience the madness. Little did I know how quickly she would experience such a high level of madness! When we picked her up from the airport, we went straight to Heine Brothers Coffee (a Louisville institution), where she had the opportunity to witness one of our strangest encounters yet. A girl in her early 20s came up to the girls and asked Chris if she could take a picture of them! What?! Perplexed, he said, "sure," and she certainly did take a picture. When she saw me (I was ordering during all of that), she said, "You're the mom? You're so fit!"... to which I really didn't know what to say other than thanks? I think I even asked her to repeat herself because I was so taken aback! Then she told us she has lots of experience with babies and she tried to interpret the meaning behind what the girls were doing at the time (as if we wouldn't have known). It was so strange/awkward/hilarious, and if anyone could be there to see it, I'm glad it was Becky!

* We also joked about the number of times we went to the grocery store or Whole Foods during her trip, which leads me to the next highlight:

* Kale. Yes, kale. The woman is obsessed (to put it lightly) with kale, of all things! We had kale possibly three times, if I'm counting correctly - sauteed with evoo, fresh garlic (well, the freshest Kroger had to offer), and a little salt and pepper. Turns out she is obsessed for good reason... it was truly yum! Apparently Becky's not the only one around who's loving the leafy green veggie. The first time we went to Whole Foods, we saw a Kale shirt that was supposed to look like a Yale shirt. When we went back (because yes, we decided Becky needed it), it was nowhere to be found.

* Becky and I managed to hit up three of the major Louisville-area malls: Oxmoor, Mall St. Matthews and the Summit. We also managed to splurge on... absolutely nothing! Be proud of our willpower.

* Bexxx (that's a Tri Chi reference for our girls) also made Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls.... YUM!! We've checked, and this is the stuff dreams are made of.

* She was also on hand on Sunday for Dr. Moore's last service at Highview.

* She got to experience my favorite Louisville restaurant, Wild Eggs, where the twins are known and loved!

Also, my parents came to town on Saturday, which was also very nice. Dad had to go back home on Sunday, but Mom is staying for the week. I am extremely appreciative of the help!! Besides generally assisting with the girls, she has also done loads of laundry and washed more dishes and bottles than I can count. This morning she let me sleep in while she took care of the girls, and she has kept me sane during the times when they refuse their bottles. (YES, this is still happening sometimes.)

Here are some photos of our fun:

Evie's favorite sleeping pose, upgraded! Here her legs are bent and poking up. She comes by it honest: I often wake up with mine in the same position!

Tamsie, annoyed that I stopped her swing long enough for a photo op. Notice she is surrounded by a few of her favorite things: paci, Sophie, taggie.

Tamsie holding onto her doll's hair

Evie, the teething queen

With Beckita, waiting on a table at Wild Eggs

Tamsie and her dad

Grandma time! I love that their arms are spread out to the side.


  1. Thanks for not mentioning that the last couple of days I was there Evie screamed bloody murder every time I picked her up ;-) I was just thinking I need to do an entire post on kale. When I got home we ran to the grocery store that night since I was keeping Harper and would need to take my lunch. Guess what I got? The KALE t shirt! The normally anti-spending money JAG said "well of course you have to have that." I've already worn it, naturally.

  2. I might have to replace my worn-out Fighting Okra shirt with a Kale T.

  3. I wish it was physically possible to squeeze through the computer screen!!! I want to love on those sweeties so badly! :) They are the most beautiful little spring chickadees!