Sunday, November 4, 2012

A ONE-derful Celebration!

The time change has occurred, the girls are confused by it all and have turned in super early as a result, and the Vaf is talking sports with someone on his phone (living with him is like living with a live on-demand sports radio show, I tell you)... so what better time than now to post about the girls' first birthday party at long last?!

By the way, did the title of my post make anyone else out there think about the Oneders? You know, from That Thing You Do!? Just me? K, thought so. Good movie though, for sure! ;)

OK, so the party was Saturday, October 20, at our new house! YAY! There was a time when I was thinking we wouldn't even be in the new house yet to host the party here, but everything worked out perfectly so that we had been here about a month by the time party day came around. What a blessing! Also, our theme was TINY, since our girls have always been super tiny! We tried to make everything miniature and cute, just like T and E!

On with the pics, compliments of Meli Mac!
Family portrait, with the Vaf's eyes open...

... but honestly I think I like this one better, even though he's mid-laugh! Pretty sure this one's going up on the wall. FYI, Tamsie is in purple and Evangelyn's in pink. (You know the rule - soft pink goes to Evie, hot pink goes to Tamsie, anything else goes to the other by default. Got it? Never mind, I'm OCD and I know it.)

My Dad and Evangelyn (soft pink, of course! Seriously, you figure out this rule, and you'll never mix them up again! ;)  You will astound us all with your identical twin identification skills!) He sure is one ONEderful grandfather!

Tamsie (hot pink) with her Aunt Jennifer, who is wearing one seriously cute outfit if I do say so! This girl never looks anything but fabulous!

Having fun with Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tyler

Evangelyn and my Grandma. Beautiful.

Can you believe the gifts?! Not that these girls are spoiled or ANYTHING like that.... By the way, thank you to This 'n' That on Etsy for this lovely sign. If days had about 27 hours and I had unlimited amounts of energy, I would have loved to have made one myself... but I had to give myself some serious grace here, since I do have TWO babies. 

I love straws. Straw swag was, of course, a necessary component of the party. The little flags say "tiny ones," in case you can't read them. (Notice the hot pink and light pink... I tried to make sure both girls' signature colors were present throughout!)

Party favors: mini pink Dubble Bubble gumball machines! I made the little thank-you cards. So, funny story about that - Carissa called me up a few days ago and said, "Shelby, you're gonna be really disappointed in me." I couldn't imagine why, and then she said, "I just now figured out why you picked the favors you picked! DUBBLE BUBBLE! Like twins! And mini, like for the tiny theme!" Yes, C, you got it! Better late than never, right?! ;)

Petit fours from La Baguette, which is pretty much the best bakery there is. That's where our wedding cake came from too!

Evie's just soaking it all in.

So another amazing bakery in Memphis is Muddy's, which is where the mini cupcakes came from.  The girls, however, had full-sized cupcakes to smash. Once again, I had a really special smash cake recipe that my Aunt Lauren had used for my cousin Chris's first birthday party that I had fully intended to prepare for the girls' big event... but alas. No time. But I sure didn't hear any complaints from them about their Muddy's cupcakes! ;)

Tamsie is the picky eater, and Evie is totally not. I think you can kind of see that in this pic. By the way, I did make their little high chair banners too! See, I managed to get a little crafty! :)

Mirror images, y'all. As usual.

Tamsie knows she is one-half of the center of attention, and she's loving it!

Too much sugar? No such thing!

Get it, girl!

Loving how both cupcakes are upside down. Also loving the Vaf's take-charge-ness here.

I understand Evie got caught up in the football game at this point.

Present time!

Excellent gift from Aunt Carissa!

Cliff and his proud daddy.

This kid loves being read to.

The girls love their Uncle Noah! So glad he was part of the fun that day.

The girls were so good. We did have to take a brief intermission during present-opening, but other than that, they were super laid-back and had a grand time being passed around and playing with all the wrapping!

PRECIOUS sweater, right?! :)

We are so glad that Bethany, Jonathan and Lydia were able to make it! Penny was recuperating at home from a nasty bug she had caught, so we'll just have to schedule a play date for all 8 of us sometime soon!

Totally stealing Melzar's caption here: "Cliff, really. This is my rolly thing and you know it."

"Lemme see!" "No, lemme see!" This is how they play with EVERYTHING.

I'll say it again: Evangelyn LOVES books.
We were amazed and honored to have so many friends and family members over to celebrate! In addition to our Memphis friends and fam were YaYa, Papa Herbie, and Noah, who came all the way from Madison, MS;  Kristen and Anthony (sitting on the windowsill), our dear friends who came all the way from Louisville; and JP, who came all the way from Conway, AR! 
Tamsie is absolutely intrigued by her Halloween monkey from Mrs. Beverly!

Taking a little rest with "Gran-dada," as they call him
LOL Elmo lives up to his name with Evangelyn and her Grandma!

Since I ALWAYS fail to get a picture with Melissa and the girls, I ordered her to get in front of the camera for once.
These girls sure do love their YaYa!!
I would say our girls' tiny-themed first birthday party was ONE huge success! :) Thanks so much to all who were able to be a part of this special day!

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