Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Facts That I'm Loving...

* the fact that today is my fabulous mother-in-law's birthday!
The girls and their beloved YaYa, whom they love talking about all the time ("YaYaYaYaYa") and can't wait to see this weekend! ;)
* the fact that my good friend Jennifer just had a sweet and absolutely adorable baby boy named Ryan yesterday! All are healthy and doing well! :)

* the fact that Thanksgiving is TWO days away!!! I can't tell you how much I love this special holiday!

* the fact that when I pat Evie's back to burp her, she pats mine too. It's like she thinks we're taking a break in the middle of her bottle just to pat each other's backs. :)

* the fact that when Tamsie drops her duck paci from her crib, she doesn't wail like she did in the olden days - instead, she says, "Uh oh! Duck!" We hear it on the monitor, and then we go in and rescue the duck. It's wonderful that she can communicate at that level without screaming nowadays! (But don't be fooled - there's still plenty she finds to scream about when the need arises!)

* the fact that at Cracker Barrel Sunday night, while waiting for a table, I left the girls with Chris and my parents and wandered over to look at the baby section of the store (shocker, I know!)... and then I heard someone walking past me and saying to whomever they were with, "Did you see those cute little twins over there?" Proud mama moment! :)

* the fact that I'm finally getting around to reading this fascinating book I've been trying to get around to reading for like a year and a half! And it is hard to put down, too! :)

* the fact that Melissa was off work last Friday and came over and helped me make these AMAZINGLY delicious strawberry cupcakes:
OK, more accurately, I helped her make these things. I was kind of preoccupied with the business of keeping T and E happy, but I did what I could! ;)

 * the fact that this incredibly hard-working man -- seen crashing here on the couch (while his night-owl wife is still wide awake) after a long day of working at his office and then coming home and working hard around the house and playing with twins and then running errands -- this wonderful man is my husband. I love him.

* the fact that the blog has its first winner of its first giveaway EVER (going to now to select the winner):
Congratulations to JENNIFER ALLEN, who entered via facebook!!
Yay to my friend who just had a baby! I'll be sending you your coupon code to get your gift card. Thanks to all who entered! Oh, and the picture was of Evangelyn - y'all are too good at properly identifying the girls! I'm majorly impressed.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone! :)

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