Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Backstory, Part 2: First Trimester, Continued

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And so the first trimester progressed. Here are some highlights of the experience, as I recall them, following a few blissful weeks free of any pregnancy symptoms whatsoever:
  • Feeling wonky. (Here is how I described the sensation in the pregnancy journal I kept: “I constantly feel as though I’ve been living off of copious amounts of junk food, but I’ve barely had any at all this whole time! Also, my stomach feels empty and gross - it’s actually making me feel sick just writing this!”)
  • Having a really hard time keeping the pregnancy a secret, but given the risky nature of the whole thing, knowing that I needed to.
  • Feeling wonky.
  • Telling my co-workers the news much sooner than I would have preferred, because the office was being remodeled and I didn’t want to be around the paint, and because I kept working from home due to feelings of generalized yuckiness.
  • Did I mention I was feeling wonky? ;)
  • Riding down Bardstown Road on a Saturday night, being envious of those who were out for a night on the town and obviously feeling fine. I, however, was reclining in the passenger seat, feet propped up on dashboard, while Chris was in hot pursuit of a Smoothie King smoothie for my dinner (yes, I know that isn’t dinner food) - since that was the only thing that sounded remotely appetizing at the time. 
  • Requesting a McDonald’s fruit & yogurt parfait for dinner (yes, I know... grossed out by anything else I could think of!)... then gobbling it down and driving back for another one.
  • Getting an extension on my systematic theology final for Dr. Russell Moore’s class, due to extreme weakness and yuckiness.
  • Popping Preggie Pops like they were going out of style, and downing ginger ale with dinner each night.
  • Keeping lemonade and oyster crackers by my bed on my nightstand, and consuming them in the wee hours of the morning to avoid getting hungry, which would lead to nausea if left unchecked.
  • Speaking of nausea - being nauseated by the following: the smell of my face wash (I wound up having to switch), those fast food commercials with way-too-up-close pictures of burgers and such (never liked those to begin with and hated them during pregnancy!), conversations about food, leftovers of any stripe, the idea of chili or anything that looked like chili - OK, let’s be honest: most foods! (Bless Chris’s heart, he had to put up with this day after day!)
  • Telling Chris that taking me out anywhere nice would only be a waste of energy and resources, given my state.
  • Feeling like a shadow of my former self, as I remember putting it!
  • Being proud of myself if I could carry out my daily tasks and still have the energy to run an errand or drive across town.
  • Being so ridiculously ready for the second trimester to arrive.
  • Not being particularly bothered by any of the above, because I knew it would all be temporary and that it would all be more than worth it, and being encouraged that the second trimester wasn’t too far off!
  • Never actually getting sick! Now that’s what I call winning, especially since I was carrying two girls! :)
Here I am in all my 11-week wonky preggo glory, standing in what is now the nursery! 

I'll pick up here another time.... :)

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  1. Oh, this brought back memories of my own! I ate a six-inch Subway veggie sandwich during my first trimester and went back for a footlong the next day. I have been disgusted at the thought of them ever since (and pretty much before then too). I still can't stand the smell of the lotion I was using during my first trimester, and leftovers were completely out of the question for me too. Not knowing what I was going to eat each day was one of the hardest things... but I managed not to get sick either!