Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update

Hope you enjoyed the last post. I will plan on continuing the story of the girls' births (I'm guessing that should be plural since there were two of them?) as I'm able. For today, though, I thought a weekend recap was in order, so here goes!

Friday our friends Josh and Chrissie and their six-month-old Sophia came over to hang out. Tamsie and Evie enjoyed their first playtime with a non-identical friend!

I love how Sophia is grabbing her toes in all these pictures. In the first one, Tamsie looks to be interested in showing her new friend her sweet ballet moves:
 Then we lined them up from littlest to biggest:
 Tamsie was loving being in the middle.
We were laughing about the fact that Sophia is only three months older than they are - which means that, at some point, they will be about the same size, even though that's hard to believe right now! :)

Friday night, my parents came into town and stayed through this morning. We had a wonderful time with them, and they spoiled their granddaughters rotten! Dad and Chris enjoyed watching all the playoff games... well, except for maybe the part where the Saints lost. Mom and I had fun getting out and going shopping. I particularly enjoyed it, since I had a serious case of cabin fever by the time she came to town! Not being able to get the girls out much in the cold and flu season we're in, I am happy to go just about anywhere right now! When my mom and I went shopping Saturday, this is how we left my dad and Evie:
When we returned a few hours later, this is how we found them:
so I think it's safe to say that Dad enjoyed him some Evie time while we were out. Mom and Tamsie also enjoyed hanging out together last night in their monkey PJs:
In our efforts to get the girls on some kind of bedtime schedule each night, we've been enjoying reading to them one story from the Jesus Storybook Bible and then praying together. While my parents were in town, the girls were in for a special treat, as their voice talent of a grandpa read their stories to them each night. Here is the picture I snapped of them listening intently while Chris rocked them:
Mom and Dad were a tremendous help while they were in town! Saturday night they watched the girls so that Chris and I could go out on our first date in ages, to my favorite restaurant - the Melting Pot! Sunday they watched the girls so we could go to church - also for the first time in ages. We had so much fun getting to spend time with my parents while they were here, and we were sad to see them head back home today - but we're hoping to take a trip to Memphis very soon! :)

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