Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Silliness

Happy Saturday! Here at the Vafi house, we’ve been feeding babies, watching The Kennedys miniseries on Netflix (good so far!), and listening to one of my favorite albums from my childhood. What would that be, you ask? Perhaps a collection of nursery rhymes put to music, or maybe Sesame Street's Greatest Hits, or maybe even something from an '80s classic like Fraggle Rock or the David the Gnome theme song? Well, it's a greatest hits album, but it's not from Sesame Street or David the Gnome. It's Paul McCartney’s album All the Best! Dad dug this up when cleaning out the house and brought it with him to Louisville when they came up for Christmas, because it only seemed fitting that it should be in my hands. I wore that blasted thing out as a 6-year-old. Why, you ask? Because I am the daughter of none other than Rob “I-Live-for-the-Weekend” Grayson, DJ, recording engineer, and music expert extraordinaire. This is the kind of music I had to work with growing up!
(this is the man the babies know as Grandpa being a DJ sometime in what could only have been the 70s:)

That’s not the only album I wore out in those days. Just ask Melissa McMasters, my former next-door neighbor and the sister I never had. Our Barbies’ adventures required a soundtrack, consisting of any album I could snag around the house, including such classics as:
  • The Buster soundtrack
  • The Bangles (The Barbies were known to put on rock concerts to select Bangles songs, of course.)
  • a collection of 50s and 60s songs Dad put together for some event he DJ’d, heavy on the Supremes
  • any song I was given cassettes of in dance class (intended for us to take home and practice with, but it really just became Barbie soundtrack material in my case)
  • Wilson Phillips (hold on for one more day, baby!)
Thanks to my Dad, I was raised on a steady diet of the Beatles as well. Thus the Paul McCartney thing, I suppose. Every now and then it occurs to me that this is not typical of everyone’s upbringing. For example, most little girls don’t have a favorite Barbie named “Pomma” because they misunderstood a lyric in “Band on the Run” (“never seeing no one nice again, like you, Mama” - not Pomma!). 
Well Tamsie is off to a good nontraditional start - she seemed to thoroughly enjoy what she was hearing. She even appeared to be headbanging at one point, as she tried to hold her head up during tummy time - which we all know isn’t appropriate for Paul McCartney music, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Give her a few years and maybe some of these songs will inspire her to design dance costume apparel for her teddy bear that her great-grandma can sew for her. (What, you never did anything like that?!) 

By the way, both babies are doing a great job of holding their heads up while on their bellies! They are also smiling and cooing and generally being adorable at this stage where they are right now.
Speaking of music and babies, I’ve been oddly fascinated by this idea of rock-songs-turned-lullabies. I can’t decide whether I’m loving it or hating it. Regardless, Tamsie and Evie say their favorite song in the collection is “Who’s Crying Now?” by Journey, since that’s the game they have Chris and me playing all night long these days.  
Thankfully, neither of them have been crying this morning. Instead, they’ve been napping. Here are some interesting sleeping positions we’ve caught them in, starting way back in the NICU. (By the way, sorry many of these are so dark - because they were sleeping I couldn't use a camera with a flash, so out came the iphone to the rescue!)

 I love Tamsie's arm positions in this one, plus it looks like she's wearing a bishop's hat:
 They still love sleeping with their arms in the air, as Evie models so gracefully in this picture:
 Tamsie's turn!
 Sleeping on mommy
Now we're out of the NICU! Funny face:
 Sleeping in the same position at the same time: Evie....
 ... and Tamsie!

 They can sleep no matter what, as Tamsie demonstrates while being held by her dad and Uncle Alex:
 I know this one is REALLY dark, but look at those little crossed feet:
 Sleeping in her hooded owl blanket:
 Her dad clearly dressed Tamsie this day, but check out that touchdown pose:
 Mouth wide open!
 one (mismatched) sock on and one sock off:
 OK, so they're not asleep in this one, but it was on my phone and I thought it was really cute:
 Hands in the air and fingers spread out:
 Sleeping with a leg under the boppy:
 And right now, Tamsie in her bouncy seat (Chris calls it "the swan pose"):
On that note, I hope you have a restful and relaxing weekend! :) 

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