Monday, January 23, 2012

Out & About with T&E

Saturday we were feeling adventurous (and in need of some groceries), so we loaded the girls up in their car seats and headed to Trader Joe's.
Now we have done this plenty of times in the past, but one of us has always stayed in the car with the girls while the other has run inside and done some serious Supermarket Sweep-worthy speed shopping. This time, however, we decided to (drum roll please... seriously, this is our lives these days) take them inside. I put one car seat in one shopping basket, and Chris put the other in another, and in we went. Now Chris found the experience rather invigorating, but I found it stressful for the following reasons:
- It was insanely crowded.
- People kept running into our basket.
- I'm a germaphobe to begin with (at least I admit it), and I was scared someone might be sick and give something to the girls.
- We were the talk of the store. I kept hearing people whispering to each other about us: "Oh look, there are two!" "Twins!" "Look how tiny!" "They must be newborns." "He's got one, and she's got one too!" "How cute!" etc. Now I'm sure this is something twin moms become accustomed to, but the whole thing was new to me, and while it was kind of sweet, it was also distracting! I was having the hardest time weaving through the crowds, keeping up with where Chris was, keeping an eye on the girls, listening to everything that was being said, and focusing on finding what I was actually there to buy!

But all in all, I must say that it felt good to get the girls out of the house. I actually felt like a semi-normal mom for once, running errands with kids in tow. As crazy as it was, it felt good, and afterwards, we celebrated by heading over to Menchie's for some fabulous frozen yogurt.

In fact, if I were to make a list of things I'm loving right now, both Trader Joe's and Menchie's would be on the list, along with:
- Philosophy Amazing Grace
My sister-in-law gave me this fabulousness for Christmas! It smells light and airy and amazing.
- Speaking of Christmas presents, Mom gave me Benefit Ticket to Glossytown, which is also grand!
When it comes to lip gloss, I love having options!
- Lotsa Pasta's black bean hummus - yum!
- Starbucks Caffe Verona... yes, please!! I could drink it all day (and some days, I kind of have)!
- This book, which my friend Becky gave me, full of fun activities you can do with your baby to stimulate development each week:
- This book, which I am currently reading on my Kindle and hoping to review once I'm finished:
You see, I'm making a constant effort to learn more about babies right now, since I knew nothing going into this thing (really!), and since I have, well, two of them!
- Homemade chocolate-chip cookies made by my dear sweet husband!!!

OK, enough of my current favorites. Here are a few more cute pictures I took on Saturday with the old iphone (and yes, I'm hoping to figure out some cool apps to make these photos much better at some point! I just haven't had time because, you know, twins!):
Chris and Tamsie:

Tamsie (left) and Evangelyn (right), held by Chris and mesmerized by the ceiling fan:
They have a play mat their grandparents gave them that has a star with a smiley face up top that lights up and plays music. Tamsie loves to smile and squeal at that star:
(I actually think she is making an expression like her Grandpa in this picture - can you see it?!)

We had really wanted to take the girls to church with us for the first time on Sunday, but alas - they decided to party all night the night before (and not the fun kind of party - the "it's-my-party-I-can-cry-if-I-want-to" kind of party), and we had to keep playing like cops and shutting it down. Somewhere around 3:30 a.m. I announced to Chris that I was in no shape to wake up at any decent hour the next day and go to church - and sure enough, we didn't. The alarm woke us up at 11:15, and it was hard even then to drag ourselves out of bed! The rest of the day was spent being lazy and playing with babies, which was really quite nice.

**Also, please be praying for Tamsie - she has another kidney test tomorrow. We find out the results on Wednesday. I really hate that she has to keep getting all these tests, because she is SUCH a happy baby and these are no fun at all for her and are often quite painful. I just don't want her to be traumatized to the point where she loses her happy little spark. Thanks in advance for the prayers!**

OK, I think we're updated for now! Happy Monday! :)

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