Monday, May 7, 2012

Derby Dolls

Everyone knows that Louisville is the place to be the first weekend in May, and so we tried to live it up as much as possible with twins in tow! Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to:
Last week I put Tamsie on the floor on her back, as I often do, while I turned around to get a new outfit from her drawer. When I turned back around, she was on her belly! She's been flipping from belly to back for a while now, but this was a first! When I took this picture, I had put her down on her back, left the room, and come back to find this! After a day of trying and watching Tamsie flip, Evie started flipping from back to belly too!

Now that Evie has mastered this new skill, she wants to roll onto her belly everywhere - even in her stroller at Meijer! Another skill she has mastered is saying, "Pfffffft!!" all the time. It's really funny when you're trying to have a serious conversation and you keep hearing "Pffffffftttt!!!" in the background at random intervals!

Playtime with T&E and their indestructible Frere Jacques book. I had spread toys all over the floor, and they were having fun working the room and going from one toy to another.

Sometimes they went for the same toy. This sibling stuff I've always heard of must already be starting!

Tamsie successfully grabbed it away from Evie.  Poor Evester!

"So we rolled onto our bellies. What's the big deal?!"

Tamsie grabs Evie's leg...

... and doesn't let go.

Now an arm...

Getting closer to Evie....

Made it! Sister love!

Playing with the Peekaboo Monkey

Engaging conversation, as always

We took them downtown on Friday night, right in the middle of post-Oaks celebrations. They stole the show in their pink dresses and fascinators! We took this picture at the Brown Hotel, home of the Hot Brown.

On Saturday, the recurring question of the day was, "OK, so why didn't we go to the Derby back when we still could?!" So during the peak of the action, we drove past Churchill Downs and rolled down the windows to hear the excitement. You can see the Twin Spires in the middle of this picture. Also, the dots in the sky were blimps and planes with banners flying above the racetrack. 

Saturday night the girls ate solid food for the first time. Here,  Evie is polishing off some carrots.

The horse in Westport Village was decked out in roses in honor of the Derby.

Tamsie on her blanket

Picture time in their tutu dresses!

Linking arms

Watching their Dad dangling one of their toys

Tamsie was so sleepy! I had just woken her up right before we took these.

Strong babies!

They may be Kentucky girls, but they heart the NY outfits Aunt Jennifer got for them on her trip this past fall!


  1. You must be in awe of their cuteness on a daily basis because they are just soooo cute!

    1. I think so, but I know I'm probably pretty biased! ;) Your sweet girl is such a doll too!!

  2. You have the cutest little girls! so precious. Happy mothers day!!

    1. Thanks so much!! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! :)