Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Tamsie and Evangelyn are excited to announce that, while they have loved being Kentucky girls, they are now....
That's right... in less than two weeks, we will be moving back to Memphis!!!!! :)
This was right as Tamsie was discovering how much fun it is to play with the rose on Evie's head!
The real reason for our Memphis trip a couple of weeks ago was for Chris's job interview, which went very well. On Monday he received an official job offer... so look out, Memphis, here we come!
Now they have enough hair to be able to sport post-headband hair!! :) It's kind of like the baby version of hat hair!
I hope Memphis is ready to handle the likes of T and E!
T & E got new PJs over the weekend, because I found two sets that I thought were too cute to leave at the store. I really like this yellow pair worn by Tamsie, because back when I was a baby most of my stuff was yellow. My parents wanted to be surprised about whether they were having a boy or a girl, so they went gender-neutral on everything, and this little yellow vintage-y pajama set reminded me of my old baby things! :)
While we will truly miss our dear Louisville friends, we can't tell you how wonderful it will be to have our family and Memphis friends so close by!
Evie's new pair of PJs features roses, of course, in honor of her middle name!
Now we're just hoping our house sells quickly so that we can focus on moving into a new one.
In addition to our friends here, we will also miss a LOT about Louisville: SBTS (of course! the reason we moved here in the first place!), Highview Baptist Church, Koinonia, Wild Eggs, Heine Brothers, our first house, Cherokee Park, all the neat old Victorian architecture, Vietnam Kitchen, downtown.....
Playtime in PJs
But let's be honest: I'm a Memphis girl at heart. I can never really get away from it, no matter how hard I've tried over the years! :)
Evie face
As for school, never fear: I only have three classes left, which can be completed online. And honestly, I have a much better chance of actually completing them when I will have some help with the girls!!
Grabbing Tamsie's foot
As soon as I put them down, this is what inevitably happens: they flip right over to their bellies!
Holding hands!
So our next couple of weeks will be pretty intense, but I am beyond excited that I will get to celebrate Memorial Day with my family... the first holiday we've been able to celebrate with them in Memphis since Easter 2011!


  1. OH that's so exciting for you guys! I'm very happy for you!!! Best wishes and good luck with the move :) Keep up the blog, I LOVE it!

  2. YAAYYY!!! I can't wait for the arrival! I am going to be so spoiled having those sweet little babies so close :)