Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Chris in our lives! plus a photo update

These have been busy days for the members of the Vafi house! Here's a quick recap, plus some pictures:

- Last Monday was MLKJ Day. Since Chris was off work, we thought it would be fun to take the girls on some errands. The only problem was that all the places we wanted to go were closed for MLKJ Day (duh!), so somehow or another we wound up at the AT&T Store so that Chris could officially break up with his iPhone once and for all. That's another story altogether, but suffice it to say that he is now sporting a retro pre-iPhone type of phone. You can make calls and text from it. That's it. The boy has never been happier. Alas, the AT&T Store just so happens to be one of my least favorite places on the planet, so I think I was even more bored than the girls were. When I'm bored, my iPhone (I'm still in a committed relationship with mine, you see) comes in handy for impromptu photo shoots, so here are some highlights:

They were kicking their legs to the background music. They haven't acquired decent taste yet, so they love just about everything music-wise. (E is on left; T is on right.)
Evie is smiling behind those fingers she's chomping down on. I think those one-year molars are finally coming in.
Here, Evie's making a classic Evie face.
Probably laughing at a random stranger who was saying, "Double trouble."
Finally managed to get a picture of what is known as "The Face" around here. It's Tamsie's silly face that she makes on request, and it is virtually impossible to photograph -- and yet I did it! YAY!
Evie is making yet another Evie face here. She's been making it for a while now. It's kind of her "I guess I'll condescend to be near this other crazy baby" face that she tends to make only when in the presence of Tamsie. When I saw this picture I couldn't help but think of this other one: 
See? Same face. She was probably even making that face in the womb, considering she would have still had about two months to go in the womb when this picture was taken, had she not made such an early debut.
We also got to stop by and say hi to my Grandma while Chris was off work that day. Here are the girls showing off their new big-girl car seats to their Great-Grandma.
 Later that day, Roy, Carissa and Cliff stopped by to hang out. That night we had dinner with a couple from our Sunday School class who are expecting twins in June!

- Wednesday the girls got a great review from the speech pathologist, who told us that we're doing great with weaning them off the bottle! They're taking their sippy cups well, and they seem to be staying plenty hydrated!

- Thursday was a big day: the girls went to Mother's Day Out for the first time! According to their teachers, they did great!! I'm in a discipleship group that meets Thursday mornings (which I'm so very excited about!), so the girls will be MDO regulars from here on out.

They also ate spaghetti for the first time last week and loved it, but the real hits of the meal were the green beans and sweet peas!

Another meal pic: Tamsie with a beard refried beans all over her face
 - Friday Mom and I took the girls to Carter's, where we met up with Carissa and Cliff. Mom kept the girls entertained while I did some speed shopping and took advantage of some major winter clearance deals, because it seems the girls are needing to go up a size! They're at this really awkward size right now where they're about a half an inch too short for the 18-month clothes, but only in the mid range of weight for 9-month clothes... which is why their pants have been looking so short (see pics in this post to see what I mean). So I grabbed a bunch of 12-month clothes for them, and we're hoping they'll tide the girls over til spring!

- Saturday was Chris's birthday!!! Now he's finally the same age as his cougar of a wife! We finished up our Carter's shopping Saturday morning, then went to see his sister Jennifer at her work, and then took the girls to Chick-fil-A. So far, like their mama, they're not big Chick-fil-A fans. They mainly ate the fruit we brought with us from home.

Breaking E's food into little bits

Tamsie was enthralled with the playground. She kept watching the kids play the whole time she ate, so we let them go play once they had finished eating. We had to call it quits when Evie, who is rather obsessed with shoes, kept saying, "SHOES!" and making a beeline for all the other kids' shoes. Gross!

Stuff that face, E!

Serious about lunch
 When we left Chick, we took T and E to the children's department of the main library. On Saturdays, therapy dogs are available for shy children to practice reading to, and we thought the girls would like to see them, along with all the books. Sure enough, the girls loved this sweet little dog, especially since they don't have one at home to play with! Showing them the books, however, proved a little disastrous, as they wanted to pull all of them off the shelves!

The dog loved the girls too. We think she also loved the Chick-fil-A food Tamsie had been wiping all in her hair. Again, gross!
My parents watched the girls that night so Chris and I could go out for his birthday dinner. We had such a great time, and now he can finally stop teasing me about being 29 -- although he loves reminding me that I'll hit 30 long before he does! :)

The girls are currently resting up. We found out yesterday that poor Evie has a double ear infection again, and Tamsie, who received a perfectly clear report at the doctor's office, is acting just about as pitiful as Evie, if not more so! I'm guessing it's a combo of teething and attention-seeking, plus that weird twin connection you always hear about?

In case this post is not long enough, and to keep future posts from being any longer, I'll just go ahead and share my videos now. Both girls love "reading" Baby Faces on their own. They've heard it so much that they have it memorized, so it's really hilarious to watch them. However, they will only do it when it's their idea -- and usually by the time I realize what's happening and pick up my phone to record them, they've stopped. Here I caught the dregs of Tamsie's rendition the other night -- not as good as it was before I started the camera, but you get the idea. My favorite is when she says, "STINKY!" Also, at the end of the second video you can hear Evie laughing the way she does when she's in a particularly silly mood. Enjoy! 

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