Saturday, January 5, 2013

Photo Catch-Up Day!

Today, I have lots of pictures to catch up on, so I'm just gonna dive right in!
This is actually from Christmas Eve! JJ and Emily dropped by bearing gifts for T and E! JJ's holding T in this picture.
And there we are with Emily! It was SO good to see these two girls! I told them they have lots to teach me about raising a couple of sisters, since they are such fabulous sisters themselves! I hope T and E grow to be as close as Emily and JJ are.
JJ, Tamsie and her dog pillow from Gigi. She was probably showing JJ how she can bark like a dog right before this picture was taken. By the way, JJ is also a Memphis girl who tried her hand at being a Kentucky girl but also came right back home this year! I am SO glad she's back, too. Starting Monday, we're going to be workout buddies - can't wait!!

Tamsie's not so sure about her Santa hat here.
"Get this thing off of me STAT!!"

Carissa brought Cliff over to hang out on Wednesday, and we had such a blast! She actually blogged about our day here, if you missed it. It's so exciting to watch little friendships unfolding among Cliff, Tamsie and Evie!

Both girls are never far from their tunnel that their YaYa and Papa Herbie gave them for Christmas! I love Evangelyn's little face here!

Tamsie and Evie are so excited to have Cliff in their play pen with them!

I love to see the kinds of faces they'll show me when I take random pictures of them at playtime.

Here's a version of Tamsie's squinty smile face that she's been debuting over the past few days. She especially loves to make this face when she eats cheese, which is rather fitting, right?

Sweet Evangelyn smile!


Here's E exploring one of the books JJ gave the girls for Christmas.

Turning pages,...

... having a jolly old time, ...

... until Tamsie caught a glimpse of it and decided she wanted to see it too!

Of course, that didn't go over too well with E!

And here she is, happy again, because she's playing with her Little People castle from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Myron!

Chris and I got the girls this scarf for Christmas, and they LOVE it!! Anytime I tuck it into Tamsie's shirt like a cape, she makes the proudest face I've ever seen her make as she struts around with it!

There she goes!

Evie is also a fan.

She loves to play peekaboo with it!

All Super-Tamsies must be equipped with a Wubbanub whenever they'd like. It's a rule. 

Watch out for the Dark Knight! (Actually, I have no idea about anything regarding Batman, so this is probably a misused reference... but it works for my purposes!)

Tunnel time!

You can see E's feet down at the end. They love to look in at each other and say, "Heeeey!!!"

All sorts of random toys wind up inside. The football makes frequent appearances in the tunnel.

So does the stacking ring.

New Year's Day at my Great-Grandma's house - my cousin Chris entertains Tamsie and Mom here.

This is a close-up of the look of approval she was giving the cousin while he was playing music. She loved it!!

It also gave her a good opportunity to snuggle with her Grandma.

I know this is so blurry, but the girls were rolling around on the floor, saying "roll-a-baby," which they have learned from their Grandma. They were giggling and grabbing at each other's hands.

This new Wubbanub arrived in the mail this week, paying homage to my favorite childhood toy, Pink Elephant! By the way, word of wisdom to other moms out there: I ordered this thing from, which I would highly recommend ordering from. Not only was shipping free, but they also sent an AMAZING free lip balm along with our order that is perhaps one of the very juiciest I've ever tried!

Evie all a-giggle, Tamsie all engrossed in the letter that goes with her mailbox on her house.

My sweet lil punkins!

Last night we hung out with Carissa, Roy, and Cliff, and had a WONDERFUL time! They converted their entire living room into a vast play land for the babies, and we ordered Memphis Pizza Cafe pizza - the best! Carissa has her old Smurf Mobile from the '80s, which the girls LOVED playing with! Here, Evie is pushing Tamsie on it. 

Carissa sent me these next three pictures. Here I am in the living room/play land with Cliff and Tamsie...

Cliff just loves me, and it melts my heart! He smiles and giggles at me all the time!!  I know my girls are randomly making odd faces here, but they really were having the time of their lives!

Baby wrangling. At one point Carissa looked at me and said, "Do you realize all our dreams are coming true?!" and I answered, "You're exactly right!!!!" It was SO much fun!!
OK, blogging has taken up enough time today. The Vaf is requesting my assistance with them, so I'll leave you with a quick video of the girls and their tunnel:

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