Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Words of the Year

OK, so you know how Merriam-Webster makes the news around New Year's each year when they add new words to the dictionary? For 2012, they added such words as aha moment, bucket list, cloud computing, earworm, energy drink, man cave, and mash-up -- along with a few other words I'd rather not post here for fear of the sort of shadesterized traffic it would drive to my sweet little blog. 

Well, I thought it would be fun to think of a list of words we've added to our vocabulary around the Vafi house in 2012! Here are some new classics, along with a brief definition of each and a sample sentence:

* autocorrect: Chris coined this one. This is what happens when you hear a baby cry over the monitor, but by the time you go in to check on her, both babies are snoozing peacefully. 
"Who was crying in there?" "Not sure. By the time I went in there, whoever it was had autocorrected."
Alternate example: "Should I go in and check on her? I just heard her cry." "I wouldn't -- she seems to have autocorrected."

* Baby Mum-Mums: Rice snacks that the babies love! They are very portable, because they come in pairs in little individually wrapped pouches -- perfect for twinsies on the go! Their favorite flavor is banana.
"Did you bring the Baby Mum-Mums? I think Evie's starving!"

* Duck: see Wubbanub. This is what the babies call any Wubbanub of theirs, regardless of the type of animal it is. This is because the duck was one of the first Wubbanubs they had -- so now it's not uncommon in the least to hear a baby cry, "Uh oh! Duck!" over the monitor and then to discover that she has dropped her cat Wubbanub on the ground and is demanding requesting that you retrieve it for her.
"Did you get the duck -- I mean the elephant -- for Tamsie?"

* Fish nuggets: Another food that the babies love. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't much yummier than you'd expect such a thing to be.
"Yum yum! It's fish nugget time!"

* Formulaics: What we call formula around here.
"Did you make their formulaics yet?"

* "Irish Lullaby": Chris, in a random moment of weakness/extreme exhaustion, once admitted that this is his favorite song on the girls' lullaby CD that they listen to when we put them down each night. I like to think it's where Dexys got the idea for "Come On Eileen." (You should know that the version of the song is much more pleasant to hear on the lullaby CD than the one I linked to here.)
"It's an Irish lullaby."

* NoseFrida: If you want to know more, click on the link. Laugh if you wish, but this thing WORKS when you have a miserable, sick baby (or two) on your hands.
"Where did you put the blasted NoseFrida last time you used it? I can't find it anywhere!"

* Sophie: the ubiquitous giraffe. They love their Sophies.
"I brought the Sophies for them to chew on in the car."

* Wubbanubs: This might, in fact, qualify as the Word of the Year in our house, and if you're a regular reader I do realize this is certainly not the first time you've seen this word on this blog. These are the girls' absolute favorites. We discovered them early on, back in the days when the girls would drop their pacis and cry for us to put them in their mouths again and again and AGAIN, all night long. Then we got them a set of Wubbanubs, and they quickly discovered they could maneuver the things back into their mouths all by themselves. It was a glorious day. Shortly thereafter they began sleeping through the night. To this day, they can't go down without two Wubs per girl. We are HUGE fans of the Wub (or Duck or whatever you want to call it) around our house.
"I sure hope you remembered to pack the Wubbanubs!"

* You-know-whatsies: Bottles. If you're sitting around, playing with two hungry babies, you can't exactly say to your spouse, "Hey, would you mind going downstairs and fixing the bottles?" because the second you say "bottles," their little ears perk up, their sad faces come on, and they commence the wailing. "Hey, isn't it time to fix you-know-whatsies?" results in far less drama.

This time, I'll leave you with the latest round of pictures:
Melissa, who had come over for the latest installment of The Bachelor, reads a bug book to the girls during commercials. Not every baby has the luxury of hearing a bug book read to her by none other than the curator of Crickets herself.

New shoes! Saturday Mom and I took the girls shoe shopping, and it was definitely time! They had gone up from a size 1 and 1.5 to both of them now at a size 3.5 wide!!! Not sure how they wound up with wide feet! Mine were always so narrow that we had to search high and low for shoes that would fit!

Wearing their cute little coats from their grandparents -- along with their new shoes -- on their way out of church on Sunday. 
And now it is time for me to go -- the girls are up from their nap, and neither of them seem to be autocorrecting! Ha! :)

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