Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Everything Old Is New Again!

In the process of prepping for my series about how the Vaf and I came to be, I ran across a bunch of old pictures that I thought would be fun to post! Now, I must warn you: None of them are scanned. This is primarily for three reasons:
1) The days of marathon naps have come to a sudden halt, and now they're shorter than ever. If they happen at all. I'm not complaining though, because the girls are mostly better, minus some residual teething issues. Could we FINALLY be moving toward the one-nap-a-day thing?
2) I'm in the process of spending their short nap times reading three books. I know that sounds crazy, but that is what motivates me to get things read! I only let myself read a chapter in one before switching to the next book -- that way I'm constantly in a state of suspense, and thus more compelled to actually READ. Which I'm often too lazy tired to do otherwise. (And at nights with Chris, we're working our way through yet another book together... but I'll post more on that later!)
3) The scanner no longer thinks that my computer exists in reality. In fact, those two have been in a fight for quite some time now. I would say this is probably fixable, but please note my hesitancy to waste precious time fixing technical problems. I've always been this way -- look no further than the messed-up dates on many of these pictures to see what I'm talking about! :)

And so for all these reasons and probably more, I took the lazy efficient route and took photos with my iPhone. And that's what we have here. Also, they are really in no particular order. This whole thing is almost too random to handle.

Enjoy! And if you feel that you should have been represented in some of these, just know that I probably looked unsightly in my pictures with you... so this is what I've got! And this is why we're hot!

With JJ at the Spring 2005 Induction Night... I was abnormally with it that night when it came to remembering to take photos! Of course that's probably because I was all sentimental because graduation was looming on the horizon. 

Fall 2004 (NOT '92... stupid camera!) Getting ready for our Tiger Tunes flight attendant show with Jane

Fall 2004. My homecoming escort... isn't he the best ever?!  And if you don't know what a homecoming mum is, you've never spent any time at all in Arkansas or Texas. :)

Spring 2005. With the sister I never had, Beth, on her PC's induction night

With JT, Spring 2005

Jennifer's Bridesmaid Luncheon, Spring 2005
And again, because she looks like a proud mama in this picture 
WHY I HATE HIKING. Somehow JT got me to go hiking not one, but TWO, years in a row on our Tri Chi spring outing at Shepherd of the Ozarks. Caves hurt your head, y'all. And why am I so high up there? It looks like someone's head is at the level of my hand in the distance! What?! I'm certainly no giant!
This is actually the very next photo in my album. Anything for good old TJ, I suppose!

With JT on one of our notorious impromptu Little Rock Ad Fed-related runs! This was probably taken as the sun was coming up, after stocking up on such necessities as Frappucinos and all manner of candy.

Spring 2005, at the Ad Fed Student Competition in San Antonio: Miranda, me, JT. That trip was SO fun, despite the creepy hotel where we stayed... remember that, y'all?!

Yay! Date caption is right this time! Here are JJ, Emily and I on our trip to New Orleans. Notice this was about 13 days(?) before Katrina made landfall there. It really was the end of an era, and we didn't even know it.

We had gone down to visit our buddy Ben, who was showing us around.

Graduation Day, May 2005. JT trying to tickle me... how rude! I think it's because I was crying though, and we couldn't have that in a picture. Especially since I wasn't even allowing the Vaf to be anywhere near the vicinity of my pictures that weekend. Am I the only one out there who deeply dreaded college graduation?!

If you're in this picture, I miss hanging out with you! LOTS! I think we're due for a reunion soon, right?

With my cousin Chris and Aunt Lauren on my graduation day

A sampling of old Barbies! My mom dug them out of her attic for an illustration our Life Group leader made in his lesson on Sunday. Oddly, it seems like Mom's old Ken has withstood the test of time much better than my Barbies have! 
JT and me at the Servant Leadership Retreat, Fall 2004. Those are Chis I'm wearing on my shirt, y'all. Just in case you didn't know.

Kristy! I miss this girl!!! This would have been at the Fall 2004 Planet Ouachita. I was supposed to be dressed like a Barbie (speaking of Barbies), and she was... Kelly Kapowski, I think?

With Tiffany (I miss this one too!!!) and JT at the Servant Leadership Retreat

Totally cheesing/posing for a friend's class project. Sorry for the ripples; like I say, I was just using my iPhone so this is the plastic in my photo album reflecting the light! Incidentally, this was the very outfit I was wearing that night that the Vaf first came to visit. I still have that sweater in my closet for that very reason... argh!! I can be such a pack rat!

PC '02 at Homecoming 2004. Love each of these girls!!

And back to induction, with Kat. Apparently this was a common dress motif at the time.

My caption already says it all. Spring 2005. Also it's pretty socially awkward that only the bottom of my jacket is buttoned. I kind of want to reach through the picture and fix it.

Amy!!! Fall 2004... I was taking this picture when I realized my album was balanced on top of the girls' book about twins! Isn't that special! 

Us four, the night before Jennifer's wedding
That's all for now. Must get back to my book while I still can!!!

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