Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Week: A Couple of Pirates, a Preggo, and a Party!

 This past week has been full of lots of fun times, but sadly I don't have the greatest of pictures to show for it! Here are a few I did manage to get:
Tamsie... all dressed up in black and white!

Evie and her sleepy eyes! This is from yesterday, and I think she may have napped a grand total of 15 minutes all day! This was at the end of the night, too.

Since I rarely get in any of their pictures...

The one and only Beckita came to town! How can this fitness queen keep gaining weight each month right now? I'll let you take a gander on that little mystery... ;)

Be impressed: She walked a 5K the following weekend, at 30 weeks! What a champ! And she even made my favorite treat while she was here: Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls! Of course they were magical. I'm the one who should have been walking the 5K, but at least I did make it to workout class Saturday morning! ;)

I can't tell you how much I love this girl... and the little person growing (and constantly squirming around in all sorts of uncomfortable ways) inside of her! I'm honored she spent part of her babymoon (if it can in fact be called a babymoon since her husband was home working like the true professional that he is) in Memphis! We wish we had a better pic of the two of us to post, but we decided we were living in the moment. This was the best we could do.

And now it's time for the swashbuckling adventures of two cardboard paper towel rolls, Tamsie, and...

her twin sister Evie! I really should have made a video of this. They were hilarious!
Saturday was Cliff's 1st birthday party! I really wish pictures of this were better (gracious I say that a lot on here!), but there was just so much going on that this was the best I could get! Here's Cliff chasing after Tamsie.

Here's Chris having to keep Tamsie away from Cliff at present-opening time. Eventually we just let them all play together, at Carissa's request! We all had such a wonderful time!

One of Roy's young cousins enjoyed pushing Evie around on Carissa's old Smurf-mobile for much of the time we were there! Evie was loving it too! :)

And speaking of the Evester, here she is sitting in her Daddy's lap and donning her $1.80 hair clippy from Forever 21. I went in there on a whim yesterday and left with some fun new hair accessories for the girls!

Roy, Carissa, Cliff, me with Tamsie and Chris with Evangelyn at the party on Saturday
OK, I think I'm all caught up now, at least until the next installment of the Vaf and Future Vaf story! :)

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