Monday, March 11, 2013

I am fresh out of creative titles today...

Here's a peek at our recent random adventures:
Since every other cabinet in the kitchen is locked tight, we let the girls have access to one cabinet that is filled with nothing but Tupperware. You've probably seen them at work in it before in previous blog posts, but now Tamsie has taken it to the next level -- she likes to climb inside and play! Please note that E is making The Face in this picture, unsolicited. More on that in a second!

Their idea of a good time. I'm kind of afraid of the day they both decide to crawl into the cabinet and play.

OK, back to The Face, as seen on the face of E here. You'll never guess where they got it from:

ME! My parents found this in an old album at Grandma's house over the weekend. I pioneered The Face long before they made it cool! 
My parents and Gigi came to watch the girls last night so Chris and I could go out on a date.  Here I am with T before I left, except I didn't get the memo that this was supposed to be a silly face picture. Also, please don't look at this picture and get the idea that I'm pregnant or shaped like a teepee, because I'm NEITHER -- I'm just holding a baby and standing at an awkward angle in a flowy shirt!
T and the originator of The Face herself... I've still got it after all these years!

E loves her horsey from Papa Herbie!

A rainbow this afternoon. The girls weren't too thrilled about it like I had hoped they would be.

The girls brought these home from Mother's Day Out this week! These are their first contributions to the refrigerator decor! I can't wait to see what else they'll contribute once they start coloring! :)

Friday the girls in our Life Group from church got together and took a trip to the zoo. I didn't manage to get that many pictures (I was slightly outnumbered by babies, you know), but here's what I got, starting with the girls and one of their favorite animals they saw that day: a sheep! They got to chat back and forth with the sheep, saying, "Baa!" I think they were much more obsessed with the sheep than the sheep was with them.

A big giraffe with a baby giraffe who was running and playing and being incredibly cute

In this stroller, they kind of have assigned seats: E is always in front, and T is in back.  It used to be because E was too small to handle the seat in the back, but now it's more out of tradition than anything else. And these babies are clearly all about tradition.
The mamas from our Life Group (who could make it) with our babies at the zoo! The weather was perfect for a zoo day, and it was so fun getting out of the house with all these other mamas and kiddos!

The girls have a Little People castle that is easily one of their favorite earthly possessions. Oddly enough, the princess and her throne share this castle with what can only be a Royal Duck. At any rate, you can pretty much count on finding him inside the castle. In this picture, he's being a gracious host and sharing his castle with a few other random toys.

Saturday afternoon, we took the girls to McKenzie's first birthday party! Since the girls napped late, there wasn't time for lunch before we made it to the party, so we just brought it with us. Flexibility, y'all. That's how we have to roll these days.
It wasn't long before their buddies Kendall and Annabelle joined in the fun!

And there is the gorgeous 1-year-old girl sitting in her mama's lap, opening gifts! We were trying to get the girls to say McKenzie's name in the car on the way over, and we succeeded in getting E to say "Kenzie." She's already giving her friend a nickname!

The birthday girl!
They have recently discovered new ways to enjoy their tunnel:

Meow from T (prompted by Granddaddy):

Meow from E:

Well every time I load a new video, Blogger crashes on me. I guess it's trying to tell me it's time to go take a nap! :) Happy Monday, y'all!

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