Friday, August 2, 2013

All By Myself

"All by myself" is the single most popular phrase heard around our house these days. Well to be honest, it's kind of a tie between that, "all by self" and "all by yourself." And if you're wondering, YES, it does get '90s Celine Dion stuck in our heads for hours on end.... ugh! (Or is that just me??) But the girls are learning to do things ALL BY SELF, and they truly want no help from us! Independent women, y'all! Here are some pictures, because my phone is getting cluttered with them all. I'll finish the 30 for 30 next time... not enough brain power left to go there tonight.
Tamsie loves talking about Becky's little Baby A, whom we're going to Little Rock to meet next month - yay!! She's holding his birth announcement here.
(Perhaps T has this special connection because she was always labeled Baby A back in her days in the womb?)

"MOMMY'S SHOES!!!" Check out those thighs, by the way - ha!

This doesn't only happen to Mommy's shoes. Any shoes found lying around are fair game for the girls to try on, so visitors beware!
These owls at the zoo always eye me very suspiciously.

Waving at the ducks near the pandas at the zoo

Evie the Explorer

"It's a panda bear right there!" This is one of their favorite sentence constructions currently: It's a _____ right there.

The baby giraffe is always a highlight of our zoo visits.

One afternoon this week we went over to our neighbors' house for fun in their pool! The girls can't get enough Allie and Pierce in their lives. This week alone they sang a song they made up called "Jesus Loves Allie and Pierce," and they have also decided that the two kids in one of their favorite books are, in fact, none other than Allie and Pierce. 
"Look! It's Allie and Pierce!" T in particular laughs the whole time we read this because she keeps thinking it's about our friends. :) But she also saw my driver's license picture today and thought it was of Carissa, so I'm thinking she is still honing some skills there.

This past weekend, the movers brought some of my Grandma's antique furniture to our house. I know this is a really risky thing to do, but I have this vision for a super girly, vintage-y playroom for the girls -- so we moved it all upstairs. (Also there's nowhere else for it!) It took E no time at all to fall in love with the coffee table, because she found moons on top of each leg!

See what I mean? :)

The girls have rediscovered their tutus...

... and want to wear them all the time! I'm loving it, of course! :)

T is biting on her Little People princess here, just when I think they're overcoming the latest round of teething! I'm starting to think they'll be 19 one day and still teething.
They may love tutus and Caps for Sale, but they REALLY love their Granddaddy! Just this morning, T was walking around singing, "Grandaddy Grandaddy Granddaddy, now clap your hands!" Of course "Granddaddy" sounds more like "Grandy" right now, but we know what she means. :)

You mean you don't parade around with a tutu around your neck ever? Really?!

Watching a Sesame Street music video on YouTube very intently. We've been watching old episodes on Netflix, and somehow they have especially fallen in love with "I'm the Letter T" and "The Forward Backward Motion," and they want to watch them over and over and over, which means I have found versions of them to watch on YouTube. What did previous generations of parents do at times like this?


  1. The allie pierce book is hilarious! Glad you were able to capture a photo where pierce wasn't drenching someone with water :). We sure do love the "girlsies" around here!!

  2. Hahaha! :) We just love y'all too!!