Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big Weekend in Little Rock!

A while back, Becky mentioned that she, Jonathan and baby Alexander would be going to Little Rock the weekend of August 24th. After Chris and I talked it over, we decided this would be an excellent opportunity for us to meet Baby A, see more LR friends and get out of town for the weekend! Of course, getaways with two 22-month olds are plenty of work, as you can imagine, but all in all our trip was a wonderful success! We left Saturday and came back Sunday and had tons of fun!

This little set of pictures is actually from Friday.
Lately the girls are loving what I refer to as "Sister Time." The way it works is that Twin 1 wakes up from her nap and hangs out with me until Twin 2 wakes up. Then I take Twin 1 in to see Twin 2, and Twin 1 about jumps out of my arms trying to get in Twin 2's crib. I've learned not to fight it: I just give them lots of toys and books, and they entertain themselves for up to 30-45 minutes! If I try to take them out before they're ready, they will say, "No get out."

I can't even bribe them out with snacks when they're having Sister Time. They just look at me like I'm crazy if I suggest it, and then they loudly proclaim, "NO SNACKS!" and go right back to what they were doing before. Sometimes they don't even look up at me! It's really precious -- they talk, sing and (pretend to) read to each other during Sister Time. It melts my old mama's heart. And gives me a chance to drink my afternoon coffee. ;)

JJ came to visit us Friday afternoon! We tried several times to get a picture of her with the girls, but most of them turned out about like this!

Finally, Chris had the idea of letting them watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Once again, Mickey saves the day!

Rachel let me know that a fabulous double stroller was available at the consignment sale last weekend, so I swooped in and claimed it as soon as I could! Chris and I are planning on getting them dolls for their birthday (shhh! don't tell!), so we hid this in a closet until October 12th. Alas, T found it.

E entertained herself by pushing two twin Raggedy Anns around in it while we packed for our trip. Then I snuck it right back into the closet!

These big girls eat yogurt by themselves these days!

On the way to LR Saturday morning, Tamsie loved holding Chris's hand.

Once we checked into our hotel, our first stop was to visit my college friend April who has a set of twins that surprised everyone by arriving at 31 weeks -- the day before T and E were born!

Needless to say, we have a special bond, having gone through such similar experiences! It was so much fun watching the girls play together and getting to visit with April and Derek!

Looks like their girls have posed for a picture or two! ;) Mine are clearly over the photo session at this point!
Saturday night we met up at Chuy's (YUM!) with Becky, Jonathan and Alexander, plus another friend from OBU, Jessica, her husband Scott (who also happens to be an identical twin!) and their son Dean. Somehow I totally failed to take any pictures! :( In fact, I captured nary a picture of Baby A this weekend! I guess we were too busy catching up and enjoying ourselves.

Sunday morning was noteworthy because I became THAT MOM at Starbuck's whose crazy child runs laughing hysterically behind the counter and then up to random strangers' tables. Chris had Tamsie, I was trying to juggle a coffee and a cup of water, and E took that opportunity to go bananas!

She also took many opportunities to sing the song she has written, "O banana!"

Watching the magical Elmo brushing teeth video on YouTube while brushing their teeth Sunday morning

I finally got to see JP's sweet little baby Olivia ... and JP too! ;)

T and E decided to hit their low point of the weekend in their presence. I guess they had gone as far as they could go.
Thus the Wubbies, you see.

With JP. This was hideous lighting for me, but as JP said, one day we will look back on this and think how nice and young we looked! ha!

Fascinated by the fishies in the lobby

They kept running from one side of the bridge to the other, saying, "More fish! More fish!"
At least Becky and I managed to get a picture together at lunch, although I'm 99% sure babies were going crazy at the time and our husbands may or may not have been in favor of this photo op. Or maybe that was just Chris. 
We had a wonderful trip to LR and loved seeing everyone!

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