Friday, August 23, 2013

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

I have a few special stations on Pandora set up for T and E, and one of them thinks that we want to hear selections from The Sound of Music 24/7. I think it's because they played "My Favorite Things" one time, the girls really took a liking to it, and so I clicked that thumbs-up thingy. Now they must think we're junkies because it is truly neverending -- which is OK. But now you can guarantee that one of the songs will be stuck in my head at any given time.

Or perhaps I'm singing numbers from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If you've been on Pinterest lately, I'm sure I've bombed your home page (is that what people call those anymore or is that a 90s term? I have no idea!) with items the Mouse himself would love and be proud of, because I'm thinking that's the theme we're going to go with for T and E's 2nd birthday party! As obsessed as they are, I can't imagine it being anything other than a huge hit.

Thank you Netflix for unleashing this into our lives.
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post a round-up of a few of our favorite things that we're loving these days. Who knows, maybe it will help someone out! :)

1. Honest sunscreen:
Actually I have yet to meet a product from Honest that I'm not loving.

2. Thermos Funtainers
These are the best straw sippys we've found. Our sweet friend Tara let us borrow a couple that belong to her kids so that we could try them out before buying them, and we just loved them! 

However, T is not above finding my water cup and drinking from it when she can get away with it. This morning she snuck off to the living room while I was getting E dressed for the day, and when we went looking for her, this is what we found:

 She was just sitting on the couch, drinking from my cup and watching Sesame Street like she knew what she was doing!

3. Consignment sales
Last week we participated in/shopped at the sale at Germantown United Methodist, and we came home with a ton of new bows, a few new books and this:
 This is something I never would have wanted to pay full price for, but ever since I brought it home, the girls have been loving it. It was well worth the $15 I paid for it.

If you're in the Cordova area, you should totally check out the Here We Grow sale going on at 8014 Club Center Drive #2, right by Cici's Pizza! It's for a great cause, and T and E are consigning some items at the sale too. :) I found a fabulous double doll stroller there for $7 that I snatched up to go along with T and E's birthday present!

Carissa called and told me she's also had great success at the Emmanuel UMC Consignment Sale going on this weekend. We've both decided we're a little obsessed with the deals we've been finding! :)

4. Books
When are we not loving books?! Sadly, T and E are getting burnt out on their old standbys, so now we're having to add to our collection. But fortunately, Polite as a Princess is still a favorite, and last time we read it they told me who the princesses REALLY are:

Belle = Aunt Mo, Jasmine = Aunt Jennifer, Cinderella = YaYa, and Sleeping Beauty = both Aunt Carissa and Mama, somehow. Still not sure who Ariel really is, but it was suggested that Snow White might be Amma. 
When E started fussing because it was time to share a toy with T, this book from Gigi cheered her right on up!
This book remains ridiculously popular around our house.
5. Anything that helps with the teething process
Hylands teething tablets qualify, as does anything that can be pushed into the back of a mouth and chewed.

6. Brushing teeth is a new favorite thing to do.
 I think it has everything to do with this Elmo video we found that they want to watch over and over and over. (And over.)

 7. Napping
 T actually asked if she could go down for a nap today. I'm loving it!
They also like pretending to nap, as T demonstrates here.
8. Pouches
These grab-and-go snacks are a persistent favorite.

9. Costco
We have recently rediscovered our love for Costco, thanks to a sale on memberships that Zulily offered a while back.
This is one of my favorite lunchtime foods! T and E like to eat it too. I must say the lentils are extra fabulous when a nice big helping of cheese is added!

I bought these popsicles for myself from Costco, but the girls have recently become enamored with them as well.
 10. Getting into things that are off-limits
... like this bookshelf in the living room. OK, so maybe this is one of their favorites... not so much one of mine! They particularly love this picture, and if I ever hear them talking about Rachel, Jennifer and Mommy I know I need to get over there and intervene ASAP!!

11. Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese
In the world of T and E, all macaroni and cheese dishes are NOT created equal, but this one happens to be at the very top of their list. They don't often clean their plates, but they do when this is what's offered. I'm not gonna lie, it really is yummy!

 12. This wagon
We found it at Bargain Hunt, and it has made everyone's lives easier!

 13. This brush
...detangles without tears. That's what I'm talking about!!
OK, so I caved last week and bought one for myself too.

Friends are always asking me for blog recommendations, since I kind of have a habit, but this is my latest discovery in the blogosphere. It's just a fun little fashion blog that has become rather addicting for me. Maybe one of these days I'll make a big post just about excellent blogs!

This is a wonderful free curriculum I've started with the girls. Jennifer W. (who is having a baby girl no later than Aug. 29th!!!!!!!) told me about it ages ago, and it is awesome! It gives me great ideas of fun things to do with the girls that teach them good basics.

Well something tells me that naptime is nearing an end, so I'd better wrap this up. Y'all have a wonderful weekend, and tell Carissa HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!!

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