Monday, June 11, 2012

All in a Week's Work

Because I'm becoming increasingly overdue in publishing my good old iPhone pics, today's update will consist entirely of pictures and captions from the past week. Scroll away!
Carissa, Roy, and Cliff have graciously loaned us Cliff's swing to use during our stay at my parents' house. Here, Tamsie and Sir Wubs-a-Lot the Red Dog (who was given a name by none other than Carissa herself) express their appreciation by cuddling up together and taking a snooze. 
Evie is sitting up these days, with a little help from her arms!

... and she is one proud baby! And I, of course, am one proud mama - although I was a bit nervous taking this picture for fear she might fall over!

Whenever she's in her exersaucer, it's only a matter of time before she flashes her long, squiggly Evie smile. I love it!!

Evie yet again, hanging out with her Grandma. Grandma just so happens to be wearing one of Evie's favorite shirts in this photo!

Tamsie loves to bite toes... usually her own, but her doll's will do in a pinch!

Friday, my sweet mother-in-law was in town from Mississippi, so she came and spent the day with us.  She was able to see what a day in the life of almost-8-month-old twins looks like, and I loved getting to spend time with her too!

Catching Tamsie in the act of smiling, while Evie reaches out to her. The girls are constantly interacting with each other these days, as seen here, and it's so fun to watch!

Aaaand Evie's ready to go back to YaYa now! T's a little too out-of-control for her to handle!

YaYa and her grand-girls

Grandma and her grand-girls, who are linking arms! Evie has a tooth now and is working on getting another one, and Tamsie is desperately trying to catch up with her. Thus, hands are in mouths more than ever, and Evie is so drooly she requires a bib sometimes!

Linking arms and supporting each other during these tough teething days

Sweet Evie-girl smile!

E's smile is gone, but I love their faces here. They kinda look like they're begging for ice cream... or, in their case, apple sauce, since it seems to be their favorite so far!

Saturday, Jennifer took her mama to go see Mamma Mia at the Orpheum, and all of us went to J's downtown apartment to hang out before the show. The girls love spending time with their YaYa and Aunt Jennifer!

Later on Saturday I was actually able to go shopping while waiting for an appointment - something I very much need to do since pretty much all the warm-weather clothes I bought last year were maternity clothes. I had to take this picture because I am completely unable to shop alone, without a friend's opinions! ARGH! Is it a yay or a nay?

Saturday night we went to the Germantown Charity Horse Show with Carissa, Roy, and Cliff. Here are three babies in a row: Evangelyn, Tamsie, and Cliff. Had we been able to stay longer, I'm pretty sure Carissa and I would have at least attempted to convince people they were triplets! ;)

Evie had other plans, though. I think she wanted to convince everyone that she and Cliff were a couple.

Playing hard-to-get

He can't handle her beauty, so he had to look away.

Going for his face...

... and she got it!

Now she's holding on to his outfit. She's not letting this one get away!

The feeling is mutual. She made him giggle.

He basically couldn't contain himself.

It was love at first sight! ;) (Yes, we are fully aware they will be nauseated by this sort of thing before too long. I try to rein it in, but this time I couldn't resist!)

Yesterday, the girls looked so cute in their little dresses they wore to church (from YaYa, by the way) that I tried to get a decent picture of them together at Grandma's house. Alas. Instead, I got a reminder of how tricky it is to get a good picture of them both! 
Tamsie was not feeling it.

And when she finally settled down (briefly), Evie wasn't feeling it.

Unfortunately, this is probably the happiest they were able to get. To their credit, it was very much lunchtime and they knew it!


We gave T her wubbanub, thinking it might help.

It didn't.

Evie and me

Tamsie and me... you take a picture with one, you've gotta take a picture with the other, even if she is not happy!

Sweet times with Great-Grandma and Evie

I love watching them interact! My Grandma is a natural, of course!

This is one happy mama because:
A. she's had several nights of good sleep in a row!
B. her girls have been eating well (for them) lately!
C. she's had a great time with family over the weekend!
D. all of the above! :)

Tamsie couldn't get enough of Chris's glass at dinner last night.
That's all for now! Chris will soon be doing a guest post on the crazy things people say to twin parents out in public, so stay tuned! ;)

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