Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 8-Month Birthday, T&E!!!

Evie, that's you in the pink bow, and Tamsie, you're in the white bow! :) You are posing with your NICU bear, of course!
Dear Tamsie and Evangelyn, 

First of all, let me start by apologizing for the quality of your 8-month pictures. Usually I have access to my digital camera for such momentous pictures, but alas... it failed to make it to Memphis in its entirety. Thus, iPhone photos will have to suffice. Plus, it's no secret that I'm no Melissa McMasters when it comes to photography. (But speaking of Meli Mac, she took this fabulous picture of you earlier this month:)
Tamsie on the left, Evie on the right
Now, as for your lack of cooperation with me in posing for these pics... you have only yourselves to blame for that! ;) Oh right, and the fact that you're only 8 months old, or 5.5 months adjusted age since you're preemies. 

Earlier this week, Evie was practicing sitting up while holding onto Tamsie's bouncy seat for balance, and Tamsie kept flipping around to look at her and giggle. Somehow I got the attention of both of them and snapped this pic.
Before you came into my life, I would have been the first to admit that I was certainly no baby-kinda person. I didn't know what to do with babies or how to talk to them or entertain them. I rarely babysat anyone under the age of 3 back in my babysitting days. In fact, I pretty much kept my distance from babies altogether, for fear I might break them or something. But when I found out about you, it was totally different. I was smitten from the start, and I have been crazy obsessed with each phase of your lives... as this blog clearly attests. That said, each month with you gets more fun than the month before, as you become exponentially more alert and aware of everything around you all the time. So as much fun as previous months have been, this past month has them all beat.

For starters, you constantly crack me up. For example, yesterday, Tamsie, you were saying "ooooo" and making this face:
 I would say it back to you and make the same face, and you thought it was so funny:
 ... so you did it again and again and again!! We were both squealing with laughter! :)
 In addition to cracking me up, you crack each other up all the time. Each morning, the first time you see each other, your faces light up and you usually start laughing. Of course, you find ways to annoy each other, as seen in the picture below, but on the whole you enjoy each other's company. When you're not right next to each other, you look around to see where the other one is and what she's doing. You like keeping tabs on each other.

Tamsie going after Evie's nose. Nothing new here.
 You're still itty bitty. On your 8-month birthday Tuesday morning, I weighed both of you, and Evie was 13 lbs 4 oz, and Tamsie was 13 lbs 4.5 oz. So right now Tamsie is back in the lead, but you flip-flop all the time. You're wearing primarily 3- or 6- month clothes, although Tamsie did rock a 0-3 month outfit this morning (until you spat up all over it... YEP, that's still happening). The dresses you're wearing in these pictures are size 3 months, you petite little things. You wear size 2 diapers still and probably will for quite some time. Just based on your size, everyone is still shocked when they ask how old you are and I tell them 8 months. BUT, based on how you're acting, everyone is shocked that you came so early. We met with a developmental specialist earlier this week who basically said, "I kind of want you to show me something to prove that they came at 29 weeks, because they are SO not acting like they did!" Y'all are brilliant. What can I say?! I'm just incredibly thankful.
Make yourselves at home!
 You're taking breastmilk and Neosure every four hours or so and taking solids a couple of times a day: apples, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, peas, squash, carrots, and, as of today, prunes. We have introduced each food for four days before introducing something new -- veggies first, then fruits. So far, both of you have loved everything, with two possible exceptions: Evie's verdict is still out regarding apple juice and bananas, of all things! When you're really enjoying your food, both of you say, "Mmmmm!"
I had to keep sitting up my two squirmy worms for the pictures today! They were all over the place!
Both of you went BACK on Prevacid this month.... words really can't describe our shared hatred of reflux at this point in the game. Bottle feedings can either be a breeze or a nightmare right now. Tamsie, you have also graduated to Bactrim from Amoxicillin now that you're bigger, to keep your kidneys from getting infected. Both of you still take vitamins -- against your (rather strong) wills, I might add!

In this picture, Evie decided to do what she could to be the show pony for once. You see, back in ultrasound days, Tamsie was always shoving in front of Evie at picture time -- and I do mean always. So now Evie likes to steal the show whenever she can!
 You couldn't possibly love your Wubbanubs any more than you do. In the middle of the night when you cry, no other pacifiers will ultimately get you back to sleep. Only the Wubbanubs will do! And you have preferences, too: the dog and the lamb belong to Tamsie, while Evie prefers the giraffe and the duck. I think you've become as much attached (pun unintended) to the stuffed animals as you have to the pacis that are attached to them!
Transitioning to the belly to take up more of the picture space...
 Speaking of that, you're sleeping very well these days, although it's a rare night when we don't hear a peep out of either of you. Typically we are woken up two or three times by someone, but when we give the girl in question her Wubbanub, all is once again well in our little world, because you quickly go right back to sleep. However, you have recently learned to toss these beloved Wubbanubs across the room - which results in more crying until they are replaced and all is well again.
All eyes on Evie!
 You love Sophie, your teething rings, your exersaucer, your play mat, and each other (d'awww). You reach for and play with all of your toys right now with such vigor and excitement. You also love books, particularly Goodnight Moon, which you hear me read to you every night before bed. You have it memorized just as much as I do, because if you're ever upset, all I have to do is say, "In the great green room" - and you stop crying immediately. Then you give me a big smile! :)
Tamsie interrupts Evie's shining moment in front of the camera by sticking her foot in Evie's face!
 You are trying desperately to crawl, and you are getting so close! By rolling and scooting and turning around, you get pretty much anywhere you want to go.
Bow in the face. It's getting to be really hard for me to keep the bows on your heads and out of your mouths!
You are both sitting for about 20 seconds or so unassisted -- before you collapse!
Evie squirms out of the headband, while Tamsie appears to squirm away from Evie.
 Right now you scare your mama by attempting to squirm our of such things as Nap Nannies and bouncy seats.
That face! Evie is clearly over picture time and done being the show pony at this point.
 You also squirm like crazy while I try to change your clothes and your diapers. Both of you reach for anything you can get your hands on -- including such fascinating objects as bags of diapers and boxes of wipes. Basically you do anything other than sit still so I can change you! :)
Silly girls!
Evie, you now have a tooth and a half, and Tamsie, you're finally getting the top of your first tooth.
They love to show off their bellies. 
You girls are such huge blessings in our lives. We love you so very much, and it's fabulous watching you grow! I was just telling some friends the other day that before you came along, I had no idea how thrilling it would be to watch you meet each new milestone. It truly is amazing!
Feet in the air, feet in the air!
 Happy 8 months, my little loves! :)
Aaaand we're done. E's bow is gone, and T just wants out of the chair at this point.

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  1. Hi! Not sure If I have said Hi yet but im following from Kellys Blog. I was very happy to read and find out that your daughter and mine share the same name. Only I spell her with an extra "e" Eviee. Love the name so sweet for sweet little girls. Yours are so sweet. Twins I could imagine all the fun you have dressing up two of them. Anyways just wanted to say hi.