Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Highlight Reel

This has been what can only be described as a capital weekend. It has been grand! Here are some highlights, punctuated by pictures from the times when I actually thought to take pictures:

* Melissa came over for the afternoon, bringing deliciousness from Sean's Cafe, one of my old fave Midtown lunch spots from back in my working-woman days! We had fun catching up and playing with the girls, of course. Somehow it came to light during this visit that the crazy girl has never seen Disney's Beauty and the Beast. AND that she will NEVER see it at this point, as she enjoys being able to say she's never seen it and isn't prepared to surrender that claim to fame. Furthermore, she must have some stripe of Bieber Fever, because she's going to see Justin Bieber in concert. Just when you think you know the girl.... She's an enigma, I tell you. 

* For dinner, Chris and I headed over to Carissa and Roy's with the girls in tow, all ready for some Memphis Pizza Cafe carryout and some homemade strawberry shortcake, as well as some good times with Baby Cliff. We got all of that and more - some bonus time with Meli Mac!! I am so thrilled that these two are dear friends now, as they are both such dear friends of mine. Hanging out with all these characters was refreshing to my little heart. Y'all, it is SO good to be home. Have I mentioned that yet? Yes, yes I have. Next!

* We lazed around Saturday morning. Chris actually let me sleep til 9 (that's big stuff for me these days!!) while he fed BOTH girls! I kid you not when I say he's amazing!!!

* Once I woke up, I felt as if I had slept through a cameo appearance from Santa. The girls had some packages to open, including this outstanding little piano activity center! I am hoping maybe they'll be little pianists like their mama someday! :) They also received several new toys in the mail, all thanks to their Grandma and Grandpa!
Tamsie's totally rocking out in her new exersaucer!

Here's Evie playing with her new stacker toy!
 * In the afternoon, we took the girls to a birthday party for our dear friends the Chus' sweet little girls Penny and Lydia, who turned a year and a half old!! I STRONGLY encourage you to visit their blog and read their story. Their lives are an absolutely incredible testimony to God's grace. I can't tell you how huge an inspiration and encouragement to us that all four of them have been during the past seven and a half months... plus during the pregnancy, too, and it meant so much to us to be able to celebrate such a joyous occasion with them!
Tamsie snoozing on the way to the party, conserving her energy. This is how Tamsie ALWAYS sleeps in the car, with her head tilted to one side. We've tried to keep it from happening. It's impossible!

Evie doing the exact same thing, but with head pretty normally positioned. I love looking back at them in their little mirrors!

Party girls! Here, Evie is looking at the camera, and Tamsie is having a hard time waking up....

... but here Tamsie's looking at the camera, while Evie is preoccupied with Sophie! Trying to get a good picture with two babies is quite often just not doable!
 Rainbows were the theme of the party, because God always keeps his promises! There were bright colors everywhere, plus sno cones and a photo booth! It was so beautiful. And Penny and Lydia were GORGEOUS, as always!!
Lydia slurping down some sno cone in her rainbow tutu

Yum yum!!

Penny is already demonstrating the percussion version of some of her daddy's crazy musical talent, apparently!

So incredibly precious!!

I'm so glad all four of our little girls finally got to meet each other - and what a spectacular way to meet! :) 
On top of everything else that was amazing about the party (which was a LOT!), we were completely blown away by how many people stopped us and said, "You don't know us, but we have prayed for you and your girls!" Now THAT is the body of Christ right there. We were thrilled to be able to share how God has answered those prayers in the lives of little T and E!
Due to my ineptness, this is the only one of our photo booth photos that I e-mailed to myself. We had a whole string of them, but here is the only one I have!
 * Saturday evening my mom and I went to Muddy's Bake Shop, and then we went to visit my friend Kelly, whom I grew up with and who is 28 weeks prego with twins of her own!! She is currently hanging out at the hospital (um, not by choice, of course), being monitored to make sure everything is going as it should. It was fabulous getting to visit with her, as I haven't seen her in years!

* Saturday night Chris and I went on our first date in ages while my parents watched the girls.

* The girls went to nursery for the first time and seem to have thoroughly enjoyed it, by all accounts. When I went to pick them up, Tamsie smiled at me, and this is what Evie was doing:

AMAZING. This is the girl who normally fights sleep like crazy, snoozing peacefully amidst all the nursery noises!
It was so good to be back at our home church and see so many friends!

* Sunday afternoon Carissa and I went to get Starbuck's and then the first pedicures we've been able to get together in forever. It was very, VERY much-needed, and we had a blast... of course!

Uh oh. It's happening already. Tamsie's after her daddy's wallet!!!!
* When I got home from the pedi extravaganza, Jennifer and Tyler were at my parents' house. It was wonderful to get to see them! The babies are clearly obsessed with both of them, and Jennifer even got to feed Tams some sweet potatoes while they were over!

Thus concludes the tale of our fun-filled weekend. It is SO good to be back!!

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