Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Movin' On Up!

This weekend the Vaf and I decided to check out the furnished corporate apartment his company has offered us to stay in for free during the moving process. We weren't expecting much, but once we saw it, we both looked at each other and said, "Umm, why are we not already living here?" There was just so much space, and it just made sense, so Saturday we moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky... if by "deluxe apartment in the sky" you mean second-floor spacious two-bedroom apartment. So that's where I've been the past few days - moving in and getting settled. Somewhere in the middle of all of that I went shopping with Carissa and Cliff, celebrated Chris's first Father's Day and spent time with my own fabulous Dad (and Mom), and watched the Bachelorette (our mutual guilty pleasure) with Melissa. (We're on Team Jef if you were curious. Yes, the one I like to refer to as "Fwoofy Hair.") And while I'm not sure how Martha Stewart would feel about how we've set things up around the apartment, I'm fairly certain that Babies 'R' Us would smile upon our use of the space. We all know it was never my intention for baby stuff to take over my life, but with twins, there's simply no way around it!  Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to the past few days:
Messy faces! The girls enjoy some prunes, but they sure are a messy treat! Here Tamsie can't contain her joy.

Evie's a big fan too... of prunes and messiness.

Evie's prune-covered smile!

By the way, the high chairs are in Louisville. Thus the bouncy seats. :) Since these pictures were taken, JT has come to the rescue and loaned us Dalen's (since he's not old enough for them yet).

Thank the Lord they love solids so much, since they have been fighting their bottles more than ever lately! (Prayers about this are much appreciated!)

This is a little night-vision camera work, which I had to resort to because the girls were both chewing on Red Dog at the same time...

... until Evie yanked it away from Tamsie.

"No she didn't!"

When you have two babies, it helps to have two exersaucers - so this new one came to live with us this weekend. Tamsie demonstrated how it's done while Evie slept.

When we get them a new toy, it's kind of like getting ourselves a new toy too, because it's so much fun to watch them having fun! :) Make that Thing I Never Knew Before Having Babies #3567.

When we first put T in the exersaucer, this was the face she made nonstop.

She also threw some of these faces in as well, just to mix things up a little.

Even though this is designed for 3-month-olds and up, my little girls' feet can't yet touch the floor. To solve the crisis, we stacked a pile of linens from the apartment underneath, so now they can jump...

... which Tamsie gladly does! Evie's still trying to figure that out, but she's catching on.

The ooooo face is back!

All giggles!

Oooo again! I can't help myself - it's too cute!

OK. One more. Moving on!

This is a rare glimpse at Evie's brand-new pearly whites. She doesn't particularly enjoy showing them off, so I was excited I actually got a picture of them!

Typical playtime with the Vafi girls: lots of blankets and toys, and yet they always go for the same toy. I'm hoping this means they'll be champions at sharing by the time they get to kindergarten.

Or not. Maybe they'll be experts at stealing toys from the other kids, since they give each other so much practice at this already! By the way, check out T's attempt at getting up on all fours!

And now E tries it out... 
At this point, Evie has created a little reading/book-biting nook. I looked up and found her like this.

Tamsie in action, wanting a corner of the book to bite too.

T at today's post-playtime nap: "Please, no pictures."

Sweet little Evie girl all aslumber, with the help of her giraffe
Evie (and Tamsie, who was asleep at the time) were finally able to meet their buddy Dalen (JT's baby) tonight! She, like the rest of us, was in awe of his cuteness.

Mini OBU Reunion! JP (who is holding Tamsie's stand-in) came up from Arkansas to visit JT and me and our babies, plus another friend who has a baby named Evie Rose! Sadly, we probably owe JP's mom an apology for potentially scaring her away from giving her grandchildren after listening to our scary childbirth stories - haha!! But seriously, it was SO good to get to see these two girls I love so much and to see how Mr. Dalen has grown too. 


  1. I think you are a wonderful mother and a tremendous blogger. I want you to know I appreciate you more and more each day.

  2. Ahh I just love Chris's comment. So sweet. I am excited I made the blog! I had such a wonderful time. I hope to come back soon!

  3. Chris - you'd better! Mwahaha! :) No, you are too precious. I love YOU more and more each day, and I don't call you the Baby Whisperer for nothing!

    PJ - This is the post I was working on when you came by! :) It was truly fabulous to see you!!!