Monday, June 25, 2012

29, 4 and 6

Well, it's Monday morning nap time around the Vafi temporary residence, so here I am with some pictures from the weekend! This weekend was extra-special, because I had a birthday, Chris and I were finally able celebrate our 4th anniversary, and the girls officially turned 6 months old developmentally! 

Evie thought she was hilarious holding her bottle with hands and feet!

My birthday was Friday, so Mom took off work and spent the day with the girls and me. We went to La Baguette for lunch, where these two attracted plenty of attention (as usual)! Can you tell who's who?

Evie's in the pink, and Tamsie's in the blue. Whenever an outfit is available in a soft pink color, it goes to Evie, and whenever hot pink is around, it goes to Tamsie. That's due primarily to their personalities: Evie is more reserved, and Tamsie is more attention-seeking. This is how I decide who wears what!

But sometimes I throw everyone for a loop by dressing them in similar colors! Here my mom is holding Tamsie in Evie's swing after lunch. They thought this was fabulous!

I love Evie's expression here. :)

Celebrating my 29th with my two little silly geese. Birthday afternoon we headed out to Itty Bitty Bella in Collierville to go shopping with Gigi, and then Chris, my parents, the girls and I went to Fino Villa for dinner.

Saturday, Melissa arranged a Mom-and-me high tea at the Peabody in honor of my birthday. It was delicious, and I've never felt so posh! (Vickie, I hope you're reading this! :) This was the first course.

Somehow I missed taking pictures of the second course - the most amazing scones and raspberry jelly ever - but here's what was for dessert. 

Classy. Carissa, Melissa and me - plus a tray in my face!

Don't be fooled. Despite the fanciness of it all, a recurring conversation topic throughout our tea time revolved around "Awkward Olympics" - a phrase coined by Melissa, I'm pretty sure. 
At the end, we decided this must become an annual event. I can't think of any better way to celebrate my birthday! :) Also, you should know that after lunch was over, somehow I wound up getting Mrs. Kathy to call her current next-door-neighbor (who lives in the house I grew up in) to arrange a tour of our old house. It was so sweet/surreal to be back again! Somehow I even managed to refrain from bursting out into "The House That Built Me" - although it was tempting.
"Why is this picture-worthy?" - Tamsie

Evie in her cute Sunday dress from YaYa

Sunday night, the Vaf and I were finally able to celebrate our fourth anniversary! We went to Paulette's, which has moved to Mud Island from Midtown since we've been gone.

It's inside the River Inn of Harbor Town, which has this gorgeous lobby. (You know I'm a sucker for chandeliers!) 
After dinner we took a stroll along the river.

I love Mud Island!

Paulette's is on the first floor of the River Inn.

I forgot how pretty the views are on Mud Island!

... and the houses too!
 It sounds as though naptime has come to an early end, so I'm gonna go find something fun to do with the girls! :)

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