Thursday, July 5, 2012

Freedom, Baby!

Y'all. Write this down. Both girls are sleeping blissfully and have been for the past hour and a half! What in the world is going on today?! Naptime is a success! What to do now? May as well share pictures from T & E's first 4th! 

K, so this isn't from the 4th, but it's Tamsie, and I thought it was presh. 

They love being close to each other! BTW - you can guess whose house we were at with the Saints paraphernalia in the background. Sorry, Tams, that your foot is chopped off... you're just so blasted hard to photograph!

Evie on the left, Tamsie on the right. I wish I could remember what had them so amused!

They look like they're hanging onto this chair for dear life!

Tamsie's "ooo" face and Evie's smile. Evie flashes this smile ALL the time these days (Chris calls it her Grinch smile), but it's really hard to get a picture of, because she's always on the move!

Silly girls!

Naptime for Evie. Doesn't she look like a little doll?

Rosy cheeks!
A little while later, while lying on vintage baby blankets that once belonged to their mother, Tamsie started getting a little fussy.

But, as usual... 
... her dad has a way of making everything better!

Evie's still in her own little world, but Tamsie's rocking the "ooo" face!

Daddy's totally working his magic. (I don't call him "The Baby Whisperer" for nothing!)

And now, the clouds are parting.

She's giggling!

Their daddy really does know how to make them smile! 
Once again, trying to capture the Evie smile on the way to my aunt and uncle's house for 4th festivities.

Once at Myron and Lauren's house, it was Chicken Foot time! Notice how far away from Evie that Mom had to scoot her domino tray... 


Meanwhile, Tamsie and her Grandpa made funny faces in the mirror. 

So fun!

Smiles all around! And you can barely make out E's little head in the mirror, but she's sitting in Mom's lap back there.

Ever wondered how to stay entertained during a car ride?

Evie demonstrates just how fascinating feet can be on such occasions!

Tamsie couldn't agree more.

She also favors a good old chew on the seatbelt.

Evie's a little more refined though. She prefers to play with the giraffe..

Just shake that thing around, girl. The trip will fly by in no time!
Ending this post with another picture of sleeping Tamsie, this time with the giraffe on her head. Of course.

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