Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 9-Month Birthday, T&E!!!

Dear Tamsie and Evangelyn,

Happy 9-month birthday to you, my sweet girls! Right now, Tamsie, you are crawling all over the floor as I type this. You are constantly saying, "a-Dada Dada Dada!" and sometimes you pause to look up at me and smile your sweet Tamsie smile. Evie, you are FINALLY sleeping. You took maybe a 20-minute nap this morning, and I haven't been able to get you to settle down and sleep since. You just have so many more important things to do, like getting into everything and talking up a storm! I absolutely love life with y'all right now. If I thought you were active last month, I had no idea just what you'd be capable of just a month later! 

Evie was rolling around on the floor until she got tangled up in her blanket - then I took this picture! 
 Sometime in the past month you started getting onto all fours, and now you're doing a more refined version of crawling than we had been seeing before. This allows you to go where you want to go VERY quickly, and I can no longer leave you on the floor while I leave the room. You have to be in a crib, pack 'n' play, swing, or exersaucer... otherwise you'd really get into trouble! You're also starting to pull up on things, so I'd better watch out!!

Don't mind if I bite your fingers, right? (Notice that Evie is sitting on her own... of her own initiative, too!)
 On your actual 9-month birthday, I took the pictures for this post. Both of you were SO very wiggly, however, and I was all alone with you, so they really didn't turn out so well. I think these pictures perfectly illustrate why:
Tamsie is enjoying looking at Evie, who was mid-fall at the time. I had to drop the phone to catch her from falling any farther than she did! The NICU bear is in these pictures, although they kept squishing him as much as they could!

E: Since you bit my hand, I hope you don't mind if I pop your headband.

T: Since you popped my headband, I'm sure you won't mind if I pull yours in your face.

E: Now look what you've done!
 The biggest news lately is that you're talking. Now we have no idea if you know what you're saying, but you are definitely saying plenty! It all started a week ago, when Tamsie said "Dada" for the first time... and proceeded to say it again and again and again, tossing in the occasional "Mama." By Friday, Evie still had yet to say anything, until nighttime rolled around and my parents came to watch y'all while your dad and I went out on a date. When we came back, Mom said, "Did you know Evie is saying 'Dada,' 'Mama,' and 'Baby?'" Of course, the answer was NO! So Evie, when you finally decided to talk, you wanted to one-up your sis! Tamsie, never fear - you also started saying "Baby" and "YaYa" VERY soon thereafter! Now the two of you just chatter away all day every day. I just love hearing your sweet voices! Here is a video I made of Tamsie the day she started saying "Dada." (I'm sure you'll admire my skillful impromptu camera work...) You should know that Tamsie is growling at the beginning of the video... one of her favorite things to do!

When chair pictures proved NOT to be a safe option, I put the girls on the floor and decided to try and settle for some subpar floor pictures. They turned out even more subpar than I'd imagined, because the girls immediately started playing with everything within reach.
Tamsie latched on to the Cat in the Hat, whom she particularly enjoys biting, and Evie attempted to play with my phone, which is a constant source of fascination.

Then she went for the gold: her feet!
Tamsie, one of your most fascinating accomplishments this month is that you have started trying to whistle. Turns out that's what your famous "ooo" face is all about! I first realized this when I was changing your diaper one day, and I heard a whistling noise. It didn't take me long to realize it was coming from YOU! Somehow, with the rest of the hustle and bustle that accompanies the daily intensity of being a mom to twins, I totally forgot to mention this to your dad. By the next day, I was afraid maybe my brain had just embellished the whole thing. Then when we went to visit your YaYa, she called us into the room to show us that you were whistling!! Your dad, of course, couldn't believe I had failed to mention that to him! I can't whistle, and neither can your dad, so where did you learn it from? Well, when I told your grandpa about it, he just laughed and said he taught it to you! It turns out that he whistles to you all the time, and whenever he does, you just sit there studying him. Now you have figured it out! :)
Sweet girls who can no longer wear bows without pulling them off of each other
 On occasion, both of you have proven that you like holding your own bottles... when you're in the mood for it. However, you're still pretty inefficient little suckers, so I wind up doing most of your feeding... which you often fail to enjoy! Fortunately, we'll be starting you with a new speech pathologist here in Memphis very soon to help you overcome your fears of the bottle.

Tamsie chillin' in her crib

During the day, you're taking shorter naps, but I'm happy to say that you usually sleep very well at night! When you do wake up, it's because you're practicing crawling or pulling up!

Photo sessions with the two of you are pretty much impossible these days.
Both of you LOVE people. Whenever we are out and people want to talk to you, both of you just smile and soak up all the attention. You also love meeting new people whenever we introduce you to someone new... unless you're extra tired or hungry!

Baby jail?
On your 9-month birthday, both of you were hovering right around 14 lbs. You're wearing size 2 diapers still and mostly 6-month clothes, with the occasional 9-month or 3-month outfit sprinkled in for good measure. You squirm like crazy whenever I try to change your clothes or your diaper, so I have just learned to keep teething toys on the bed where I change you so you'll kind of stay put. I also have to say, "Snap!" and really emphasize that "p" sound when I snap your clothes, because it fascinates you just enough to get you to stay still for me.

You love to steal toys from each other... as Tamsie demonstrates here...
... but it never seems to bother the girl who's getting stolen from! I'm hoping you'll be pros at sharing soon!
You love going for rides, biting anything you can bite, smiling and showing off your two bottom teeth and playing with other babies.
Evie demonstrates the fact that both of you LOVE wearing your stacking rings like jewelry! You're already such girly girls!
You sit up, but never for long. Something always catches your attention, and off you go chasing after it! Both of you are just way too active to bother with sitting still.
This photo is here to represent what life is currently like for us right now as we're staying in this apartment temporarily. Due to the extreme heat, this staircase is the only exercise your crazy mama gets these days. Maybe one of these days I can get you out in your stroller for a walk again!

Tamsie loves to play with a good old water bottle!

She can't wait til she can trade in baby bottles for real bottles!

They sure are crazy about their Aunt Jennifer!
Girls, you wear me out most days, but it's the best worn-out I've ever been. I love spending time with y'all, and I am so blessed to be your mama! When random people at the store see me with y'all and say things like, "Double trouble!" I always correct them and say, "Nope, double blessings!" It's so true. Being your mama is the absolute best! I love both of you with all my heart.
Mamamama, as you often call me :)

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