Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So it's way time for a blog post! They have been few and far between lately for many reasons:
- We've been having fun with lots of daytime visitors! :)
- Internet at the apartment is sketchy at best.
- The girls are napping less and for shorter periods of time, thus cutting into my primo blog time.
- When they're asleep, I try to give them their bottles. YES, I know that sounds rather insane, but it's often the only way to get their food down their gullets without a fight! At this point, "whatever it takes" is our M.O. A nice, neat schedule of eat, activity, and sleep has been thrown out the window in favor of sheer survival.
- I've felt like things have been pretty boring around here... but then I remember that's no excuse! I want to remember what our everyday life looks like right now, because it won't look this way for long!

Consequently, this post is extra-long, because I keep not having a chance to post, and they keep doing cute things!

Most of the pictures this time are from when the girls were in exersaucers, because it's pretty much impossible to take pictures of them on the floor and keep them from getting into stuff they shouldn't at the same time! I can only imagine what life will be like once they start walking! ;)
Sister playtime! Please note that baby stuff has taken over the living room. We've decided it's all about function right now in this corporate apartment until we can move into our new house... which, by the way, we hope happens SOON! If you're in Louisville and you know anyone looking for a house, please send them our way. :) OK, done advertising now!

Tamsie just wants to play, but Evie would rather stretch.

And stretch some more. A note about Tamsie in her jumparoo: She loves to jump in it constantly, but Evie could care less about jumping when she's in it. Chris and my mom say they've seen Evie jump in there before, but I have yet to see it happen. She's always way more interested in exploring all the little knickknacks on it than she is in jumping.

Having an exciting convo, apparently

Evie listens intently to T-Dawg.

Now she has something to say too!

I just love watching them interact! It's so funny!

Tamsie = future Elphaba?


I'm loving Evie Girl's sweet face here. Now compare this picture to the next....

Tamsie. Now don't they look totally different?! I can easily tell them apart, despite their identical-ness. 

Tamsie likes it when she's properly identified.

TURTLE FACE!! Both girls make the turtle face any time they lean forward or try to sit up. It's hard work! I daresay YOU'D make a turtle face too!

Speaking of turtles, Myrtle the Safety Turtle will now point out the downside of apartment living. Our neighbors had left their grill unattended one night, and the flame was dangerously close to the wall. ARGH! Where we are staying is nice, but we are so ready to be in our own house!

Silly faces! Tamsie shows off her "oooo" face, and Evie just looks appalled.

T's chatting it up with E again, you know, the usual...


Now T's all excited!

She's trying to tell E something...

E's just not that into it....

T tries in vain to recapture E's attention. E, however, looks at her mama.

Such a typical girl! Checking herself out in her mirror!

Good morning, Tamsie! She wakes up this gorgeous every day! 

Sleepy Evie

Both girls are getting SO much hair in right now! When they wake up it looks like they've gained 25% more hair than they went to bed with the night before!
Looking a LOT like her Grandpa here... I think it's the eyebrows!
I looked far and wide on Facebook for a picture to show you what I mean, and I couldn't find what I was looking for. (Yes, yes, much like Bono.) So for now, this is the best I can do!

So serious!

Funny face again!

So this post is kind of turning into a collection of funny faces! This is T's deep-in-concentration look....
She looks like she's potentially steering a ship. 
My pretty Tamsie Pearl

If you'd ever like to experience pure chaos, try taking a couple of 8-month-olds to a new doctor's office for the first time - especially when you are covered by new insurance but have yet to receive any physical proof of this fact! I was on the phone with insurance people, trying to fill out two sets of new patient paperwork, trying to calm upset babies and keep them from dropping their pacis/toys on the ground, AND trying to find clean diapers to give to Mom to change for them... oh yeah, and trying to keep them on the table and quiet while the doctor was in so we could get our questions answered! That's a lot of things I was trying to do! Thank goodness Mom was there to help! :)

Tamsie wanted to bounce with Grandma while we waited...

... and I tried to get Evie to go to sleep, because I had left their food at home (chaos, remember?), and they were having none of the formula that was at the doctor's office!

Yet another funny serious face from T!

Smiley girl!

Evie, the avid reader, can turn pages now!

She and Tamsie help me turn pages whenever I read to them. They're getting really good at it, too!

Sweet girl!
I know it's blurry, but this ALWAYS happens whenever they're on the floor together, and since they're in constant motion there's no way for it not to be blurry!

Always in each other's space!

As I was working on this post, Evie crawled up to Tamsie, and they both started laughing. Have I mentioned how much I love to watch them interact? :)

It seems that it's a fascinating thing to watch your mom eat potato chips. Every time I break them out, this is what happens... the entire time! 

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