Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I know I keep looking back, BUT...

... I came across a post I wrote on July 7, 2011, on the blog I tried 5 times to get going (guess the 6th try is the charm then?). It's in black, and my editorial remarks are in pink (what else?).

On the last day of my 15th week, thinking I was huge! :)
Don't get too excited that I'm back - not that you would - because things are about to get supercrazy around here you've got that right!, as two baby twins are on the way... but then again, this blog might be just what I need to keep things on track in my life! So this is attempt #5 to enter the great blogosphere. Who knows, maybe the fifth time's the charm (since the third time certainly didn't work)? Not really.

(BTW - Aww! Baby twins! So much fun to say! The husband is probably tired of hearing me say it in my little baby voice... which, I might add, I try not to use in any other context!)

Right now I'm enjoying the summer, working at the seminary in the communications department and tutoring at a learning center, as well as working on my internship for school. Yeah, probably not the smartest workload when carrying a risky set of twins. Believe it or not, this is the calm before the storm (yep!) - since I will be taking four classes next semester (the most I've taken thus far) HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right! I did good to get ONE class in that semester! AND getting closer to the day I'm looking forward to so very much: the day our twins come to live with us!! :)

This is truly a unique time in my life. I'm 15 weeks along, and Saturday I'll be 16 weeks. I felt like I had been pregnant FOREVER at this point! In 13 days, which may as well be a year based on how it is just ddrrraaaawwwwing out, I will know the gender of my little twins! As soon as I find out that crucial piece of information, I can get to work decorating their nursery and picking out clothes and other fun and fabulous baby things. And I did. I went crazy getting everything together, starting the very day I found out! Oh, how I miss their sweet little nursery! They're having to make do with a regular old bedroom here in the apartment. In fact, I can already see an obsession on the horizon. If there were alert departments for such things, a warning would be out right now and the sirens would be sounding. But you know what? I can't do a blasted thing until I know what these twins are going to be. So really I should savor my final 13 days of being pregnant and yet having nothing baby-related on my to-do (or to-buy) list. After all, this certainly won't be happening again for the foreseeable future. ARGH but I'm just so ready to know, so ready for the suspense to come to an exciting end! This is what's on my mind right now. Waiting on that life-changing piece of info seriously put me in the greatest state of suspense I had ever been in before! I don't know how you mamas who wait to know until the baby is born make it through... you have my tremendous respect! :)

Oh yeah, one other major thing is on my mind: how incredibly grateful I am for a good report at the doctor's office yesterday. And still am. Thank you, Lord, for so many wonderful doctor's reports! We wouldn't be where we are now without doing so well for so long. I just went a month without a doctor's appointment for the first time ever in my pregnant life. Yeah, knowing what I know now about TTTS, that should never have happened. Ladies carrying twins in the same placenta should have a weekly ultrasound check-up. I thought I was going to go crazy not seeing the babies, and I didn't even have an ultrasound scheduled for yesterday like I always have before. However, much to my delight, the doctor wheeled in the bedside ultrasound and let me take a peek at the little taters. And, even more fabulous, she kept telling me how "perfect" everything is looking and how cute they are! (Granted, I'm sure she says all her patients' babies are cute, but it still made me feel good! I mean, who doesn't want cute babies?!) Oh my goodness, hearing that they are in perfect condition right now was such music to my ears. The type of twins that I'm carrying is a particularly risky type (although it could have been much riskier than it is) (yes - thank goodness they were in separate sacs within the placenta!), and being a mom now, I can't help but fear the worst sometimes - so words can't describe how relieved I was to get good news after an entire month of no news at all. Thank You, Lord! And to any straggler readers out there, please do keep the twin babies in your prayers - of course they have a long way to go!

Well, it is time for me to go work some more on internship stuff... but I'm hoping to be back much more frequently! Stay tuned! :)

Reading this makes me particularly thankful to be where we are this year, as opposed to where we were last year! Sometimes it's good to pause and reflect on how gracious and merciful God has been to us. Oh, how I love my sweet T and E! :)

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