Friday, December 28, 2012

Cookie Monsters

Days lately have been quite full, and there is much to blog about (or at least lots and lots of pictures to share), so I'm just going to go at it one event at a time until I'm all caught up -- starting with Cookie Night 2012. While this happened exactly one week ago today, it certainly feels like it was a year ago -- but in a good kind of way, you know? (Well, good minus the ER visit....) Each day has been an adventure, for sure!

Last Saturday, Mom and Dad watched the girls so Chris and I could complete a frenzied last-minute Christmas shopping expedition, and somehow I managed to get everything wrapped. Then Saturday night, Chris's family came over for a pre-wedding dinner.

Sunday, Jennifer and Tyler got married - pictures to come!! :)

Monday was Christmas Eve, which we celebrated all day with Chris's family at our house. Then that night, my parents came over so my Mom could make her world-class annual baked ziti, which was better than EVER this year!

Tuesday was Christmas, spent at my Grandma's house with my family.

Wednesday was spent in the ER, because I was having chest pains I had been ignoring for a while, which turned out to be due to a sprained chest (who knew that could happen?!) that likely resulted from my fall downstairs. I'm still hoping I don't come down with typhoid fever (or whatever it was that all the Oregon Trail people used to catch) after my ER visit -- I was surrounded by some hardcore sick people!! Ugh!!!!! (Surely you see why I never pursued a career in any sort of medical profession - ha!)

Yesterday was the first of what I hope will be some more BFF reunions over Christmas break, this time featuring Jenn and Rachie. I got to meet Rachie's baby, Jonathan, for the first time! Also, last night Rachie and I went to go meet Lee and Jennifer A.'s new baby, Ryan!

Today, it's just the girls and I. They're napping and I'm eating lunch, which means I'll start catching up in 3... 2... 1....

Melissa and Tamsie, Instagram style. I believe Tamsie is holding the Winnie the Pooh book that squeaks, which simultaneously fascinates and terrifies Evie. My Mom actually likes the fact that Evie finds something about Pooh terrifying, since she is not much of a fan of the big yellow bear herself!

So my Mom has had this Christmas robe for quite some time. She enjoys wearing this thing around the house every Christmas season and proclaiming herself the Queen of Christmas. (If you ever wonder where I get my craziness from, this should clue you in somewhat!) Melissa has always admired it over the years, to the point where it has become an essential part of Cookie Night, so this year Mom made sure to bring it over. Cookie Night, you see, took place at the Vafi House for the first time ever, due to the hassle of bringing the girls over to my parents'. They don't travel light these days, you know. (But then again, did they ever?)

And doesn't she wear it well?

Pink Elephant cookie -- the only cookie I managed to take a picture of that night. Pink Elephant was, of course, in honor of my first favorite toy, a Care Bear Cousin whom I called Pink Elephant. Quite imaginative, no? 

Cuddling with their Daddy the following morning... intensely engrossed in some Sesame Street watching (thank you, Netflix! Sesame Street on demand!). (E on left, T on right)

All smiles now!

This picture and the next two are (obvi) from the camera of none other than Melissa herself. Here Evie is excitedly leaning forward for her first-ever bite of cookie. Huge moment, y'all!! And, like her Mom, she has a sweet tooth - so she loved it immensely!

Tamsie, like her Dad, is apparently not a fan of sweets, however. 

Sitting in my cookie-decorating throne, AKA the desk chair.  Semantics, y'all. (Is semantics even the word I'm looking for? I'm on so much blasted medication for my achy chest that I couldn't even tell you! In fact, it may well be that the medicine has written this entire post for me!)
K, lunch is over, and I must have misread some cues -- girls aren't sleeping, so it's time to go "upstehz," as they would say, and have some playtime! I'll be back when I can to catch up some more!

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