Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Glossary of T&E Terminology

In case you ever happen upon T and E babbling away and wonder what they're trying to say, here's a little handbook to help you understand a few of their favorite current not-so-intelligible words and phrases -- plus my latest iPhone pictures, as always:

* Amma: Grandma. They started calling my mom "Amma" a loooong time ago, and it seems to be here to stay!
Playing all morning in the church nursery is some seriously grueling work, y'all.
* Bee: In addition to the insect, this can also refer to the fan. When they want us to turn the fan on, which is actually pretty often, they'll point to it and say, "Bee!" Your guess is as good as ours.
The moon is their favorite thing ever. They look for it each night and ask us to take them out to see it. Here's Tamsie (held by Amma) pointing up at one of those moons that appears as the sun is setting. She's loving it!
* Camoo (pronounced like the last name of Albert Camus... thank you freakish memory and AP English class senior year for my knowledge of that guy's name): Camel, as seen in Dear Zoo and Dr. Seuss's ABC Book
Evangelyn shows Granddaddy the moon
Ears! Ears!: What T&E say when they want you to squeeze the ears of their rocking horses so that they will make galloping noises. The rocking horses have gone a long way in revealing the girls' very different personalities: Evie is happy whenever, but Tamsie only enjoys the experience when the following conditions are met: 1) Both girls are on the horses. 2) Both girls are wearing hats. (If E tosses her hat aside, T will say, "Hat! Hat! HAT!!!" until you put it back on E's head.) 3) Both horses are making galloping noises. A little Type A, perhaps, Tams?

Tamsie is fascinated by this table on our deck.

Inside are bubbles, and she knows it.

Going for it!
 * Ebie: Evie
Speaking of, here's Ebie herself looking for the moon again at sunset
 * Hatside Bubbles: This translates to something like "Take me outside so we can blow bubbles. Now."
Toga party! Making the Greek side of the family proud!
* No Moon: This is a very dire thing, y'all. It's when either the moon isn't out or else it's covered up with clouds. It could even be during the day, when there's -- you guessed it -- no moon.

Toga toga toga!
Pease: Please. This one comes up a lot when they hand me a box they'd like me to open or a hat they'd like me to put on their heads.

Poppy: Potty

Rock Pay-Pay: Rocking chair, or sometimes "please hold me in the rocking chair and rock me. For 5 seconds, and then you'd better put me back down so I can go get into everything again!"

Sissy: Sister, of course! I hear this one all day long.

TT: Tamsie

Up: I want up, etc., plus anything else that T or E needs a word for at the time. For example, today T handed me a set of cars linked together and said, "Up!" She wanted me to take them apart for her.

Yights: Lights

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