Monday, April 1, 2013

I probably shouldn't wait this long to upload pictures...

... because then I wind up having a bunch to share! Here's what I have, in whatever order they uploaded, because Blogger does not make it easy to move them around -- and life is just too short to stress about it! 
Here's Evie with her Granddaddy's hat and the vacuum I got the girls at the consignment sale. She sure loves this hat. When he comes to visit and he's wearing it, all she can say is, "HAT! HAT! HAT!" until he takes it off and lets her play with it.

The Face continues around here, as Chris and Tamsie demonstrate.

Evie's got it too.

One of the reasons the vacuum has become such a hot commodity: It has a trapdoor that is excellent for hiding whatever the girls can fit inside.

Yeehaw! 90% of the time the girls are upstairs right now is spent on these horseys, while wearing hats. Hilarious. 

Both girls can ride the horseys all by themselves if they have help getting on and off them. Evie can even ride her horsey across the floor!

Discovering their Easter baskets this morning

They just looked and looked at them for a while. I expected the girls to tear into them, but they were a little more hesitant than I was thinking they would be! They did go for the food first, probably since they hadn't eaten breakfast yet, but then once we sat them in their high chairs they wanted out again so they could keep playing with their new books!

Tamsie, a banana and a fruit snack

She did not want to let go of her banana! I tried to take it away from her at one point, and it did NOT go over well when I did!

Evangelyn in her Easter finery. If that bonnet looks familiar, it's because she wore it at her dedication too. It's too cute not to get maximal use out of while it still fits, right? :)

Evie, a fruit snack and Harold

This is not a belly picture - ha! When I was pregnant, I used to post a picture like this each week on Facebook for faraway friends and family to see, since so many of them had requested to see what a Shelby carrying twins would look like! Nope, this is just a picture of me in what has become my special Easter dress to wear each year.

Tamsie doing what she did today at Uncle Myron and Aunt Lauren's house: running around like a wild woman!

My Daddy and Tamsie. By the way, when she showed up at nursery looking this cute, she was greeted at the door by a little boy who walked right up to her and looked her up and down, just taking in her beauty. Chris was seconds away from stepping in and saying, "Son, exactly what are your intentions?" ;)

Evie and my Mom

Must. Always. ALWAYS. Have. A. Book.

Impromptu visit with Cliff (and Carissa and Roy!) last weekend 

Probably saying "Yee haw!" or "Whee!" or some other horsey-related thing. And laughing, laughing, laughing!

This never happens, and it wasn't staged! (Clearly. If it were, I wouldn't be wearing sweatpants!)

The most sought-after spring fashion accessory at our house: HATS! Even if they are actually cereal boxes!

Boxes of all sorts fascinate right now. Tamsie is like her mother in that she loves these Cheese Sticks, but she takes it to the next level! She  is also crazy about the box they come in.

Oh, cereal box hats!

They are intrigued by their own belly buttons, as E demonstrates from across the room.

Getting a peek at it

Talking about it

It's time for a cheesy Instagram pic!

So what happened was... one girl was fussing because the other girl was sitting on the vacuum, so I scooted her over to make room so that both could sit on it. This amused them for quite some time. (That's T up front and E in the back.)

They would periodically say "Wheee!" as if they were riding it through the air. (As if. Can you tell we recently watched Clueless around here?)

T turns around to make sure E is still there, and E is just loving it. Wheeeeee!

Sometimes this happens. Don't worry, she was clean!

I love their wonderment over the little things in life, like, you know, pretending to ride on plastic vacuum cleaners!

YaYa came to town! Here she is with T.

E's Easter basket. Really they are supposed to share what's in the two baskets, but I tried to distribute the goods evenly!

Both girls with YaYa!

T's Easter basket. Chris and I didn't give them Easter baskets last year since they were soooo little, but they LOVED exploring them this year!
At church on Easter Sunday. E was happier than she looks right here... I think!
You know it's bad when T gets concerned.

And this is what she did moments after that picture was taken. Once we got home, we had to transfer her from her car seat to her bed very delicately so that she wouldn't wake up. Poor girl wore herself out in nursery.

E and Mom at Uncle Myron and Aunt Lauren's yesterday

Easter Evie

Princess-in-training T. Myron and Lauren had all kinds of fun little toys for them to play with, including this fabulous Little People castle!!! 

One day they'll ask why I take pictures of them when they're eating, and I'll tell them it's because they just look so cute. Then I'll tell them about how the senior video people used to film footage of the senior class during lunchtime back when I was in high school and how horrible that was. Except that you had to "buy it to be on it," as they used to say all the time, and I didn't buy it and so therefore I really wasn't on it. So it was a moot point anyway, although I totally should have bought it and was just being stubborn at the time. And I am still talking about this 12 years later apparently - ha!
Video time. Enjoy! :)


Hilarious but also maybe 10% dangerous:

Singing during naptime:

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