Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sinus Infections, Silliness and Swings!

I have now joined the elite group of individuals for whom it's possible to contract three sinus infections within the span of two months. And what an honor it is... or not! This one has been the worst yet, complete with a nasty fever. Now that I have those renowned mama-bear instincts you always hear about, I don't toy with these things anymore -- I do NOT want T and E coming down with anything!! 

So yesterday morning I went straight to the doctor and explained the situation. "Think you can handle a shot?" she asked.
"Yes," I replied, without hesitation. 
"How about two shots?"
"Sure. Bring it on."
"That's what I'm talkin' about!"

I may have talked big, but despite everything medical I went through to do my part in bringing these babies into the world, I have yet to overcome even an inch of my wimpiness when it comes to shots. Pretty sure I squealed like a distraught little girl and yelped "ouch!" as politely as I could muster during the whole process. When the nurse told me the second one would be worse than the first, I tried to act like I would take it in stride... and then I said as calmly as possible, "Are you kidding me?!" (And I wonder why my girls aren't tougher about their shots! Look at whose daughter they are! Bless their hearts.) But you know what? I didn't pass out, as my custom once was. So maybe I have made some strides over the past 15 years after all! :)

So two painful shots and a four-hour nap later, I felt like a new woman yesterday afternoon! And while I'm still not 100%, as John Mayer once sang (and Chris is rolling his eyes right now, you should know), "I'm in repair. I'm not together, but I'm getting there." Now if we can keep T and E symptom-free, I'll consider the whole thing a success after all.

On to the week's pictures and videos!
Tamsie has discovered something that usually stays far away from her: the laundry basket!  
It's a rare treat, y'all!

Evangelyn and a box of books... what else?!

A fundraising piece from OBU came in the mail earlier this week. I think Evie studied it much more thoroughly than I did.

I told Becky that Evie apparently has a promising future in OBU fundraising.

She was quite impressed with the whole piece.

Tamsie enjoys standing in her chair much more than sitting, much to her dad's chagrin.

Back to the fundraising brochure: I'm sure whoever designed it never realized its potential to make (future OBU Tiger?) babies smile...

... and laugh!

Sorry for the sideways-ness. Seriously, if I didn't already have people following this blog, I'd switch to Wordpress in a heartbeat! Anyway, Tamsie has discovered the shelf we've been trying to keep her away from all this time. There's a picture of Jennifer, Rachel and me on that shelf and she loves to find it and say, "MAMA!!!!!" Each time it's like it's a completely novel thing to her.

The Tams!

My sweet Evie. She loves flipping through this book on her own, but if I try to read it to her, it elicits nothing but squirms and screams. I guess I've read it 100 times too many.

Tamsie. They've heard us say, "SIT DOWN!" so often that they say it as soon as they start to stand up. However, much like Alice in Wonderland, they give themselves such awfully good advice, but they very seldom follow it. 

Ride those horseys! Once again, we think it's hilarious that they feel the need to wear hats as soon as they hop aboard the horseys. How do they know? 
Book time! And sideways picture time! ARGH!

Evangelyn has been playing hard. Look at that hair!

Wrong chairs!

That's better.

Evangelyn was running to me and saying, "Mama!" when I snapped this. She LOVES to run to me and collapse into my lap giggling these days!

My view from the sick-girl couch Friday night: Chris reads to Evie while Tamsie pokes around in the bookshelf behind them.

Tamsie's sheep doubles as a leg pillow. This reminds me of how I used to sleep when I was carrying them! 

Out for a stroll. Tamsie is wearing a baby bonnet. I needed something to keep the sun off her head, and that's all I could come up with at the moment!

Wearing their little pear outfits, because they're a perfect pair.... awwwwwwwww! ;)

Tamsie sitting still for about 5 seconds... just long enough for me to get a non-blurry picture. Also, notice the skinned knee. :( Both girls fell and skinned their little delicate baby knees at the playground yesterday!

Once again, check out the hair -- she had been playing hard!

And it's showtime!

The girls have rediscovered the fan. Here is their reaction when I turned it on for them Friday night:

At the playground after my marathon nap on Saturday afternoon:

Loving the swing!

"SIT DOWN!!!!!"


  1. I love when you post! The girls are so precious and I get a big kick out of your accents. I can't wait to hear what T&E sound like in a few years. :)

    1. Accents? What accents?! ;)
      Thanks for your sweet words.