Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby, you can drive my car!

This was supposed to be a fun-filled vacation week for us, but alas -- sickness has once again struck the Vafi house. I woke up with a fever and a generalized feeling of having been on the losing end of some kind of a street fight, and Evie visited the doctor today and found out she has pink eye and a virus that's causing her to run a fever too. This is particularly unfortunate because we were planning on going to South Carolina to visit our dear friends Jane and Josh and their kids, but today Jane also informed me that all three of hers are sick too. Blasted sickness is all we can say! Well here's a little glimpse into what we've been up to lately:

Tamsie cuddles with her Daddy. She and Evie get so excited to see him when he comes home from work each day! As soon as they hear the garage open, they say, "DADDY'S HOME!!!!" and run over to greet him.

Thursday night we went over to JT and Brian's house, where the girls played with their buddy Dalen! He was very happy to show off his car to two pretty girls. 

"Baby you can drive my car!"

I just love his smile here. He couldn't stop smiling the whole time! :) He is SUCH a little cutie!

Evie at the wheel!

Riding together
They thought they were in control, but really JT was!

How cute is this?! I love that his little arm is around her shoulders. He's such a little gentleman already!

I think I was having to help a fussy girl out of the car at this point.

You might want to think twice before riding around with Evie. Apparently she thinks it's safe to read and drive at the same time!

Speaking of driving, sometimes this spontaneously happens:

Tamsie flips through one of her favorite books, Put Me in the Zoo.

It's a big deal around here when the school bus drives by each afternoon. A BIG deal.

See what I mean? (Yes, Evie actually starts crying when the thing goes bye-bye at the end.)

We took the girls to the zoo Saturday, and this was the least blurry picture I was able to take! This was when we were in the aviary. This time the biggest hits were the puma, who had lots to say, and the birds.

The low point of the zoo experience this time was when a little boy ran in front of the stroller, and his bigger brother said, "Get out of those old folks' way!" to him. Apparently we are old folks now. I guess we'll be relocating to a retirement village in Florida pretty soon? At least we'll be the only couple there with little tots!

Open flight area at the aviary

Evie enjoyed pushing her cup of milk around in her grocery cart this afternoon. Poor girl is sick, but at least she managed to have fun and play hard!

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