Monday, February 6, 2012


Lest I ever become overconfident in my mom skills, I constantly make little mistakes that serve to remind me that I still have a LOT to learn! For example, let's talk about getting the girls out of the house. That hasn't happened too much since they've been born, because we've had to protect their little immature immune systems. So I like to use that little factoid as my excuse when I forget something really important, which has happened no fewer than three (3) times this weekend:

- Friday night we wanted to get out of the house, so we took a trip up to the Health and Rec Center at the seminary to take them on a walk around the track. Guess what I forgot? Yes, folks, I forgot the diaper bag altogether! I don't care how new at this she is, what kind of mom forgets a whole blasted diaper bag before leaving the house to go anywhere?! Especially when she's responsible for not one, but TWO, infants?! Fortunately, we had just changed the girls right before we left, so I thought maybe I'd get off the hook that time. ALAS. We had barely stepped off the elevator onto the third floor where the track is when Evie started doing this reflux loop thing she does, where she spits up through both her mouth and her nose, and the more she panics about it, the worse it gets. Before the twins entered my life, I had no idea babies ever did this (but then again, I apparently had no idea about lots of things they do!). It's truly terrible whenever it happens, and I feel awful for her because it can't possibly feel good. I also feel pretty helpless, even when properly equipped with everything I need. So there we were, standing on the track, with Evie flipping out and doing her reflux loop, loud and clear for all who were near to hear. And there I was, no burp cloth, no nasal thingy that babies need at times like that, nothing. Slick, eh?

- Saturday night we wanted to go to Target, so this time I remembered the diaper bag and a burp cloth and a nasal thingy. I even threw in a few diapers too, but what did I forget? That's right, wipes. Thankfully, I was in a place that sold them, so we lucked out that time. But still - who forgets wipes? That's right, me!

- Yesterday we went to Wild Eggs (my old prego-craving stomping ground) after church (made it to our adult Bible fellowship class! That's a start!). Brought the diaper bag, brought the nasal thingy, brought the diapers and wipes and even a spare outfit (see, I'm sort of learning!)... but what did I forget? Burp cloths! Yes, burp cloths. This time Evie started the reflux loop yet again, but fortunately I had access to a paper napkin that saved the day, and by that time we were the only ones left in the restaurant, so no one's meal was disturbed.

Well, I may be inept sometimes, but at least they're awfully cute! Here are some pictures I took over the weekend.

First up, this is what happens when I hit Target up by myself, leaving the girls with Chris - they get all kinds of fun new headbands and bows, like this one modeled by Tamsie! ;) (Yes, I am aware her headband is twisted. All I can say is that she had been with her Dad about 5 minutes by the time I got around to taking this picture! ;)
Chris recently made the mistake of asking, "Don't they already have enough bows?" I quickly set him straight.

Tamsie, who had fallen asleep in the middle of a meal, in what appears to be SUCH a comfy position, is also happy to show off her little belly these days! Check out the fact that it is rotund, y'all! Rotund! (I'm loving that word, in case you can't tell!)
 At one point I decided to break out the girls' cat PJs, which I have been waiting for them to grow into. They even have little tails, which I could find no good way to demonstrate in a photo. Tamsie was loving it yet again!
 And Evie wanted a turn with the bow. This was probably while I was helping her roll over on her mat.
This is what I call the face of hunger. Notice the left eye all squinched up and the mouth squinched up on the left side. We see this face whenever the girls are starving. (Don't you know she loved the fact that I was delaying her meal by taking this picture?)
 Tamsie in the cat PJs, hood down, looking cute and sleepy:
 Evie in her little matching cat PJs, also getting very sleepy. This is her one minute:
 and the next:
Notice those blonde eyelashes she's rocking. She totally gets those from me. Don't worry, I've warned her that a lifetime of Blackest Black Maybelline mascara awaits! ;)

Also, a few more highlights from the past few days:
- Koinonia went VERY well! I was only able to stay for the first part, because we had just gotten back into town after the trip to Memphis and were therefore out of nearly every imaginable form of grocery and clean clothing, but it was grand and had a great turn-out! :) I'm loving seeing that God is working in the hearts of the women at SBTS and blessing this group of them!
- Our friend Sarah, who just so happens to be a Florida State alum (along with her husband), came to visit and dropped off two precious FSU onesies (straight from Tallahassee) for the girls to grow into, thus making all of Chris's dreams come true! We had fun hanging out and catching up with Sarah, and the girls are now well on their way to hardcore fandom!
- Our friend Kristy got to come visit the girls. It was also fabulous getting to see her, and the girls were also big fans. In fact, Evie fell asleep in her arms - and that's really saying something, since Evie is a finicky little sleeper.
- Last night, our friends Kristen and Anthony came and watched the Super Bowl at our house and helped us gobble up (and make) all manner of goodies. It was so incredibly good to get to hang out with them! In fact, Kristen and I barely even got to watch any commercials (clearly the best part of the whole show) because we had so much to catch up on! I loved it!!!
- Yesterday the girls officially outgrew their newborn-sized diapers and moved up to Size 1!! This is considered progress around our house!
- Tonight Kristen comes back over, along with our buddy Melissa E., to watch the Bachelor! (Notice how I called her Melissa E., in the style of the names of the people like Ben F. on the Bachelor!) Speaking of Ben F., here's to hoping I'm much less appalled at the antics of the likes of him and some other bozos on the show this week!

OK, I'm off to finish my coffee while the girls finish their nap.

Oh yeah. Never mind about that. Just remembered a sink full of dirty bottles is waiting on me to get around to cleaning them!

Have a magnificent Monday!

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  1. I have read all the spoilers and I'm afraid our dear (although horribly hairstyled) Ben will continue to disappoint. I'm not happy about this at all!