Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some fun photos from my Valentine's Day with my two little twin Valentines, along with a few random photos from the past few days.
I was trying to get a picture of the two girls in their Boppys in Evie's crib. Tamsie, however, would much rather sleep! That girl would not stop stretching.

This was my attempt at an aerial shot. The stretching continues.

Evangelyn is a little Tri Chi in training in her pink and green hearts. (My computer is not letting me rotate this picture for some reason!)

They'll have to be each other's Valentines this year.

This is Evie a few days ago, modeling her ruffly cap.

Tamsie having fun with her bouncy seat toys, probably saying, "Agoo!"

This was the closest I could get to smiles from them at picture time today

Tamsie had just woken up here and was contemplating the ceiling fan

Tamsie was still not done stretching, and Evie just looks mildly confused

Naptime a couple of nights ago, sharing a blanket. Tamsie has a little smile!

Another interesting sleeping position from Tams

Tamsie in Valentine apparel (still not letting me rotate, argh!)

The face of a Valentine's Day champion

Or is she really just bitter about the whole thing? Is this about Singles Awareness Day, Tams?
Do you see the irony in this picture of Evie?

That's a little better!

Tamsie, there will come a day when it's not so cute to have writing on your booty. But that day is a long way off! ;)

Stretchy, stretchy, stretchy! Evie would appreciate some space!

They are serious about celebrating Valentine's Day!

I know the background is all wrong for this shot, but who can resist that little smile? She was talking to me when I snapped this one.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Vafi girls!


  1. Shelby,

    Hi! This Livi from the bright bit.

    We need to send your earrings from the giveaway!

    Could you email me - contact {at} thebrightbit {dot}

    With your mailing address?


  2. They are so sweet, Shelby! I love the picture with Evie and the smiling bib. :)