Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No more follow-up appointments for me!

SPOILER ALERT: Today's post will make a lot more sense if you already know the whole story of what happened leading up to and following the girls' birth! ;)

Today has been what I like to call a day of intensity for the Vafi clan! I had my final post-hospital check-up this afternoon, this time with the cardiologist. Since Evangelyn needed to go back to the hospital to get a test done anyway, we decided to make an afternoon of it, so Chris took her to get her test done while I went to my check-up. Here's Evie with her little hospital bracelet back at home again:

It's a law that all newborns, at least in Kentucky, have to undergo certain metabolic screenings to identify any disorders early on in life so they can be treated quickly. Evie wasn't able to have her screening done when she was born, because she immediately had to have a blood transfusion, which would have skewed the results. Because of that, she was just now able to get her newborn screening done. Chris said the whole thing only took about 10 seconds, and she did very well! :) Now I'm thinking no news is good news, so we're hoping for no news on that front. Regardless, here is what she had to say about the whole episode:
Notice the brush on her Boppy. She loves to have her hair brushed, so I was trying to brush her hair to calm her down.

My appointment also went very well today! The doctor said my heart is now back to being perfectly normal, which is obviously a huge answer to prayer! They gave me an EKG to be sure nothing new had come up, and I received a good report all the way around. Finally, I am DONE with follow-up post-partum appointments - praise the Lord!!

That's the last of my updates for now, so I will just share some cute pictures from the past few days. Next time I get a chance, I'm going to pick up some wrist rattles for the girls, but until I do, I've been strapping toys that are meant for their carriers onto their arms. They love it! (Bonus points if you can name which baby is which! ;)

A few nights ago, we discovered that the girls now fit in their Bumbo seats. In this series of pictures, Tamsie can't stop smiling while she demonstrates her love for her Bumbo:

Kristen took this picture of the girls in their Bumbo seats when she came over for The Bachelor Monday night, which, by the way, lived up to the hype and was in fact a huge disappointment. This season is perhaps the worst I can recall (which I do realize really is saying something).

Playtime in cat PJs:
At bedtime we've started tucking them away, arms out, in their Halo swaddle sleep sacks, which they also can finally fit into! We have just put them down for the night, and I'm hoping these sleep sacks once again work their magic and allow them to sleep a nice looooong time, until we have to wake them for their next feed. Good night all!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear good news for you and Evie!! The pics are precious:) love you all so much!@